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  1. peanutbuddha


    Game-link: The stats page doesn't have game links yet, but it was -OHS- DotA -apem #48Offending player(s) lobby-number or color or ign: AubreyKate (Pudge, Pink)Time occured: 8:40 replay time, 6:10 game time.Details(optional): Crystal Maiden (Dark Green) shared in the beginning so Pudge could use his courier, but when CM failed to gank mid Pudge took control of CM's hero and destroyed 2 of her items. In the replay you can clearly see Pudge selecting CM's hero while this is happening. It couldn't be CM who destroyed her own items because she was busy writing when it happened. Pudge later tried to votekick CM by pretending that CM destroyed her own items.
  2. peanutbuddha

    Working inventory Keys

    I can provide a script for f1-f6 inventory hotkeys for those that don't trust CryWolf's virus hotkeys
  3. peanutbuddha

    Problems updating to 1.29? HAVE NO FEAR

    Also try the "Repair" option after installing the game
  4. peanutbuddha

    Problems updating to 1.29? HAVE NO FEAR

    @Criminal What are you trying to "fix?" The menus have black bars to prevent stretching of the image, but in-game it automatically goes to widescreen.
  5. peanutbuddha

    Problems updating to 1.29? HAVE NO FEAR

    @Criminal When you go to your account there should be a big, green button that says "Add a Game Key" to the right. If you type in your Warcraft III cd-key it will add the game to your account so you can always download it from Battle.net in the future.
  6. peanutbuddha

    Problems updating to 1.29? HAVE NO FEAR

    @Criminal When you download Warcraft III from your account on https://www.blizzard.com/en-us/ it will look something like this: You need to change the "English (EU)" to "English (US)"
  7. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20762097041#post-1 I tried following these steps and it worked flawlessly.
  8. peanutbuddha

    New ELO system = Potential Solution

    @RikimaruWhen people are talking about the "old ELO system," are they referring to the "original" ELO system where ~2000 ELO was considered the top and ELO gain was calculated from the average ELO on both teams, or the one with ~5000 ELO that was based more on amount of games than actual skill? Personally I prefer the first one. It had 1 problem in that a player could spam pubstomp heroes like Slark or Meepo to quickly climb the ladder, but I'm pretty sure GriefCode can easily make it so that the higher percentage of your won games that are with a specific hero, the less ELO you will get from winning with it. This would hopefully encourage a wider pool of heroes among ELO hunters. That being said, I still prefer the current ELO system to the 5000 ELO one
  9. peanutbuddha


    echoo always flames his team. I like to play against him just to see how many cookies he gets
  10. peanutbuddha

    Dota version

    Welp, then it's v3. The actual map is named "DotA v6.83d fixed v2 by h3rmit" in my folder, so that's what I thought it was.
  11. peanutbuddha

    Dota version

    As far as I know, v2 just fixes two bugs: Lycan sometimes glitching out and not being able to move, and couriers being able to trigger Land Mines without taking damage.
  12. peanutbuddha

    Dota version

    I've wondered for a while now why OHS is hosting v6.83d and not v6.83d v2. Is there a specific reason I'm unaware of? @GriefCode
  13. peanutbuddha

    Changes to Elo rating

    Am I right in assuming that the 3rd option means that the ELO system stays the same, but the "roof" will be higher than 1,300?
  14. peanutbuddha

    Patch 1.29

    As some of you may know, patch 1.29 is on its way to Warcraft III. If you haven't had a chance to read the changelog, you can do so here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20762056755?page=1 To me, the most noticeable changes will be the widescreen support and balance changes. There are also some pretty major changes to the World Editor (24 player lobby support, etc) that you can go read about in the link I posted. This is a screenshot I took of the widescreen support for a 16:9 resolution: And this is a screenshot of a 21:9 resolution*: *It was posted on the Battle.net forum to show a bug with 21:9 resolutions that will hopefully be fixed on release. Like I said, the patch will also come with a huge amount of balance changes to ladder, but there is one in particular that could have a huge impact on Warcraft III DotA -- the new change to Critical Strike: What this essentially means is that any +DMG your hero or unit has will no longer be multiplied by Critical Strike. It will be added after your base damage is multiplied. What are your thoughts on the change to Critical Strike? Will it make Phantom Assassin useless or do you think it's a much needed change? Will carries focus less on straight damage and more on their primary attributes?
  15. peanutbuddha

    Top 10 players you've ever met/seen on bnet

    1. CryWolf 2. 3. 4. ... ... ... 99. Mexican_Wisp 100. Graou @CryWolf am I doing it right?

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