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  1. T.A.N.K

    Patch 1.29 Live

    i try that to, but i think u need to have the folder for it.
  2. T.A.N.K

    Patch 1.29 Live

    after10time reinstalling, and deleting i give up. cant fix the screen
  3. T.A.N.K

    hard flame--ttxtitan

    i dont know why u banned us, we kick him bec he steal item. after 1400 games in the clan i know the rulls bro. we dont kick for fun like others. sepv was mad bec we tok hes divine after we kill him. unbann pls
  4. T.A.N.K

    t.a.n.k and -kk- flame + itemsteal

    @Torsk btw no one give u the right to sell item before u ask the team, when we try to win with 4 players. I dont know why u cry about it

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