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  1. Jorge001

    Game ruin

    Techies and silencer did vote to kick the gameruiner. I want to report Ursa as well in that game, He went permawoods , refused to def/help throughout the entire game, flamed, and cried like a baby. And as this guy reported here Lucifer did sell everything and dove in enemies in order to get killed and feed them. Regards.
  2. Jorge001

    The worse player

    Yo, That is what you get for playing the way you did , you went mid and did nothing , I as huskar had to buy sentries/obs , defend towers against pushers while you were walking through the map trying to get a kill with your noob bone , and you pissed me off , you never had a tp to help , you bought zero sentries/dust against at least 2 enemies with lothar , you played for kills and selfish , so I decided that you were a bitch and ruined the game as you did as well for the team with your retarded noob gameplay , and if there is any bad player here , that's for sure you. I don't care to get a ban , I'd probably dodge or maybe not , but for sure if I meet you again ingame and you play like that , I'd do exactly same as you saw there. Regards.

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