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    Working inventory Keys

    1 - hero, 2 - chick, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 - building shop, T - inventory, F - inventory, mouse roll click - inventory, mouse 3 - inventory. Support mouse is good for quicker combo kayboard + mouse: dagger + BM + heal + ulti = Legion commander. On phoenix i like use dive with stop dive with same button on keyboard and in same time i use on mouse port for quick escape. Who fight VS me or with me know how i play phoenix. Problem in quick combo keyboard + mouse have server with higher ping cca 60+ms. P.s. Why shop on keyboard? Because is good buy items continuously with stay on hero or near die quick something buy without lost too much money.
  2. MarfyCZ

    Working inventory Keys

    Hmm prehistoric software without support mouse... Better than playing without abbreviations. THX
  3. MarfyCZ

    marfycz, aya abuse vk

    Better players are tired play perma 10 years with NEW naps. Problem is in motivation good players = problem is in hosting = problem is in admins. How long i the by appeal for make just 1x APEM slot where can join just players with 1K+ score. This system was on GhostGraz server and work excellent. You just protect NEW naps, leavers, MH, but no good players. Is really hard problem make this slot?
  4. MarfyCZ

    VK-Abuse and AFK Ruiner Marfycz

  5. MarfyCZ

    VK-Abuse and AFK Ruiner Marfycz

    Hurry, hurry Dumb pony

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