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  1. chill

    Unban pls

    Still cant enter any game..
  2. chill

    Unban pls

    I had crash last game at start. Got black screen and couldnt continue game. Unban pls! My name was NerZo
  3. chill

    Feeder on purpose + Vk refuser.

    Thats why im posting this report. Expecting permanent for such dumb!
  4. Requesting permanent or atleast 3 month ban for this two braindead maggots. 1st player, feeder on purpose, his name uchiha_itachi Votekick refuser played rhasta, his name: kidutz. My name NerZo Gamename: [#103148] -OHS- DotA -apem #20
  5. My name NerZo Reporting: Rabauke Reason: Fake afk, then leaver. Requesting more than usual auto ban atleast 3 days to give him enough time to cool his head. game was: [#100433] -OHS- DotA -apem #91
  6. chill

    Mh detected

    Min 3:00, after he saw his invisibility will disapear without any result, he goes behind first tower on mid, straith to my courier and killed it, then ofcourse he moving back on same line, not wood cause i was there. ALso there was no anything that give vision in that area for chicken, but he saw it behind tower. Also chicken was to far from tower, not in hug with it. Expecting permanent.
  7. chill

    Mh detected

    Unfortunately, i cannot download game file from game link to check exactly what time was that. But it was at start, lvl 4-6 probably. Link for game download doesnt work. Fix that first.
  8. chill

    Mh detected

    My name: NerZo Reporting: AyyLmao Reason: He goes straith to my courier in fog and 1 shot it. i have set it behind tower just to check his gameplay. Following this dude for some time and i think thats pure mh. Check this, it may be permanent probably. Obs eye or any mine cannot reach vision where chicken was. Game name was: [#92731] -OHS- DotA -apem #36
  9. chill

    dota apem

    ohs dota apem #95 was game name. My name was NerZo Realm: US West Reporting: Qjlaina Reason: Game ruiner. Refusing to play, laughing whole game, and destroyed all items. Requesting permanent or atleast 3 month. World is better without retards. :)
  10. chill

    Unban pls

    61295 https://ohstats.net/en/game/170834 Sorry forgot to gamelink..
  11. chill

    Unban pls

    At early morning till i was waiting for game to begin, i had to do something in home and i forgot that im in loby, so game begin and i was droped. Unban pls!
  12. My name was NerZo, Reporting player NOSTRA, for game ruin. main reason is that he refused to play with team in any fight from min 30+ He standing at base and towers and watching near fight. Game name was: [#168931] -OHS- DotA apem #72 For example min 41 whole team was in fight he standing and watching, refusing to make any actions. he told that i was farming untill min 31 and now he farm next 30 min. Requesting ban. Ty!
  13. chill

    Ban Report

    I didnt feed on purpose, slark have farmed me for some time but i did warded and dewarded well. Got kicked by team for no special reason. Requesting ban for all 4. My name was NerZo Vk abuse started by: gwynbleidd Game: [#166795] -OHS- DotA apem #93

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