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  1. Game-link: https://ohstats.net/en/game/93482Offending player(s): LamenzoTime occured: entire gameDetails(optional): Game starts, he picks bara and goes mid, dies once and says hes gonna feed. The entire game he's flaming me, and dg, and attempted to votekick me atleast 5 times, I ignored him but as I heard he kept flaming the entire game. Also I believe he killed my quelling blade when I dropped it to pick up gem. That man is more toxic and braindead than the rats in the sewers.
  2. M4ster

    Moderator request in DotA

    lol gay
  3. If this happens I might actually consider playing on this bot, that would be awesome
  4. M4ster

    Tournament Registration

    I do vouch for his competence if that's okay with you guys
  5. M4ster

    Tournament Q&A

    Will it be friday or saturday? Need to know what day to make an excuse of being "busy"
  6. M4ster

    Tournament Rules

    That would be a big advantage to sentinel side, since the neutrals are right next to the tower
  7. M4ster

    Tournament Registration

    Battle.net Name: M4ster Realm: Europe I hope the delay I have on this bot won't be an issue, and I hope it's on friday or saturday night

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