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  1. I literally aborted my account deletion to reply to this topic. Top 10 I've ever seen here are: Purger, Purger_2, Purger_3, Purger_5, Purger_6, Purger_10, Purger_11, Purger_7, Purger_12 and Purger_15
  2. Farewell

    Heya guys, Just giving you a small heads-up, since I feel like Dota has a negative impact on my personality, I've decided to ditch it and focus on other things in life. As for the upcoming tournament, needless to say, I forfeit. I'm done playing Dota. @GriefCode Do me a favor and delete my forum account as soon as possible. As for my Battle.net account, I've updated my password and is now "123", if anyone's interested in it. I really suck at goodbyes so I'll just wish you all the best in the future. Cheers.
  3. left by mistake

    Hah, just saying
  4. left by mistake

    @GriefCode Please add an IQ test as a mandatory captcha for playing on OHS bots.
  5. left by mistake

    @Graou Your life is a mistake
  6. Hack

    He only does that when someone reports me for hacks
  7. Ban Request/ Game ruin and account steal

    I want a financial compensation for all physical and psyhical damages I went through trying to carry those idiots with Ezalor
  8. Tournament Rules

    Rofl I just stated some ideas and I clearly said everything I say is optional It can be either 2 kills / 1 tower or 3 kills / 2 towers. The reason why I thought the originally posted rules weren't so good is because it was stated that you need a 3 kill advantage AND that bottle refill with courier is allowed. If that was the case, we would just raze clear creep waves for 20+ minutes
  9. Tournament Rules

    Only if you have 1+ years of hacking experience
  10. Tournament Registration

    Battle.net Name: Gajtan Realm: Europe Let's get this party started bois Also, I'll give some of my ideas for tournament rules, when the time comes.
  11. Ban report

    Can you do us all a favor and read this please:
  12. Ban request - Deja-vu

    You know I rarely rage but seriously. Leoric refused to stun the dude for FB cause "reasons" (he either waited for a 100% KS or he's just "special snowflake", idk) and I lost 4/5 HP for nothing (tanked two guys in order to try and get that FB). Then, my mouse disconnects for a second and a god damn Centaur (neutral) kills me in woods at level 1. To top it off, this dude, this pathetic excuse for a Dota player tells me to leave, and I just lost it for a moment there. But yea, feel free to ban me bro, I won't mind. I deserve it tbh.
  13. Ban request - Deja-vu

    Your nickname: zeleaver Nickname of the offender: Deja-vu What rule did he break: flame / insult Link to the game: https://ohstats.net/en/game/168944 Description: He's just a frustrated kid I guess. 12:58 Deja-vu: def u fuckfaces 12:22 Deja-vu: OMG MAIDEN U FUCK NAZI NOOB 13:33 Deja-vu: me out 13:50 Deja-vu: stfu nazi 13:54 Deja-vu: i hope ur nigger fam die on aids He raged for about 10 minutes and then he ignored us all. He also tried to votekick me out of the game a couple of times but failed. You can find more of this in the In-Game Chat. Also, here's a bonus image, after the game:
  14. Ban request

    Your nickname: Gajtan Nickname of the offender: AmpedApocalypse (Forum account) What rule did he break: Insulting Description: I just couldn't miss the opportunity to make a report But seriously, this sh*t is rude, do something about it. I got your back EGS
  15. DotA -ap

    I've been playing (and watching people play) this version for a while now and I really haven't seen any extraordinary bugs and / or major crashes but I do agree with you on this, especially cause I haven't played LoD for a couple of years now. Maybe I was just lucky enough not to see the downsides or I just didn't pay enough attention to it, but at the end of the day - sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry. Also, there is a possibility that I simply cannot have an objective opinion on which map is better, since I'm really fed up with the amount of bugs in 6.83d, especially the ones involving Linken's Sphere. To sum it up, I'd still choose the 6.85k over the current one cause I feel that it's a good enough risk to take for the sake of changes and innovations. Of course, that's just my opinion That's what Silver Edge is for mate, yet another reason why I love the 6.85k Passive ability break ftw!

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