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  1. Make_ME_Rage

    Ban Report for Jigga and Noob_Khalifa

    Thanks. Yes , this time I will know where to find it
  2. Make_ME_Rage

    Ban Report for Jigga and Noob_Khalifa

    LOL @Potm4Win gosh that will be a problem as I cannot log onto Sexual_Noob anymore. Played with that account. so basically this report won't help much unless I can get the game link
  3. Game Ruin - Jigga ( the whole 10 mins ) Game Ruin - _noob_Khalifa ( don't know if it was on purpose or just the other guys who played well ) Hi Well this is my first report since the new threads. Well I can understand his frustration @jigga but it is no reason to for to purposely ruin the game. Me and Razor died with in the first minute, well that was because of greed over a bounty. Brown then already tried to Votekick abuse on Razor. A few minutes later he went akf in base moving every 2 minutes. I tried to votekick him but my team mates well they failed to type !yes. Please give him a well deserved ban, as it was on purpose. LastReplay.w3g

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