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  1. NenadHitmaN

    Ban for VK abuse

    Game is -ohs- dota apem #53 We have panda ruining at begining ans feedin intentional coz he didnt stayed mid... Purger wont type yes coz he wants se me lose "elo"-funny coz there is no elo... Than he VK me and all type yes... I want fair ban for all of them.... This Purger as i remmeber has about 25 acc banned till around 2020 year- purger_1,purger_2...etc
  2. NenadHitmaN

    votekick abuse, items steal

    23:38 votekick after they stole all items
  3. NenadHitmaN

    votekick abuse, items steal

    [#161340] -OHS- DotA apem #89 votekick abuse, items steal
  4. NenadHitmaN

    vk abuse

    [#57555] -OHS- DotA apem #93 votekicked tech...abuse... ty
  5. NenadHitmaN

    vk abuse

    -OHS- DotA apem #29 2017-09-29 13:01:45 they votekick 2 guys for no reason... TY!
  6. NenadHitmaN

    votekick abuse

    again....i dont want to waste mana on lvl 1 spells...learn to play and go out offten...u need sun, son!!!
  7. NenadHitmaN

    votekick abuse

    so noob now i need to waste mana coz ur a noob and have low hp!?? kids nowdays, just sad...
  8. NenadHitmaN

    votekick abuse

    norsk votekicked me coz i came mid...enough said...want ban for all of them TY! -OHS- DotA apem #96 running game
  9. NenadHitmaN

    Plz ban for votekick abuse

    ok...first of all... i can probb. give lesson to all of u in dota (my team that kicked me)... i like how u say they judge that i cant handle mid...LOL... 99% of the cases ppl that "judge" me are always negative score players... my score never been worse than 10 3 in 600 games last time i retired 2 years ago... And i have been playing this game probb longer than u have heard about warcraft...so it comes a time when some1 who doest know what items to buy to kick me...irony of the game... I NEVER FAIL A GAME...my team does... So fairest thing here to do is ban all of them so they dont do same thing again, EVEN IF I WARN THEM I'LL REPORT... Second thing...when i stat castel i saw in stats hes a stacker and thirsty for kills, so if he's a good player, why was so affraid ill get the glory...u know...never with +150dmg with trax aura and -6 armour in 5 min is what it does...so he kicked me ,nearest his competitor... Third is that i never stack!!! Thats why i lose games with 12+ kills And last thing.. player with 8.5 4 with 80% loses is a better player than a stacker with 10 3 and 80% wins...second1 is a stacker nothing more...if i stack , i wouldnt have more than 2 deaths per game and more than 15 kills...but than i would be a maphacker
  10. NenadHitmaN

    Plz ban for votekick abuse

    game -OHS- DotA apem #46 They votekick me coz i came mid.... Plz ban thats votekick abuse...

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