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  1. An Offer More Than An Application

    Hey dear community, After some "weeks" i want reply there. Etienne ( EGS ) will help this community. He helped our BK so much. He has a lot of posts, and most likes. Never do wrong thing, always right and 100%. Know search dodger, mher, ruinner, leaver,after and the others. He should help there so much. I will support him, and my vote is YES also. Good luck Eti
  2. Votekick abuse

    Not care about this, he try farm in woods, and try gang one time on me. He has no chance for farm, we have a good teamplay..
  3. Votekick abuse

    Ahoy https://ohstats.net/en/game/172384 really, sad to see this 5000 elo player need money for win. degenerator.hu - they kicked him " without reason " Well, player " -kk-, tynix, deadboss, themaltakett " Please, really they deserved to be banned. Without reason they kicked that " PL ". For money, and need obviously win. Thank you, and wish you a great day With kind regards, Teddy.
  4. Support this community :)

    Heya guys, I want ask you some questions. Do you think, sometimes about " twitter, facebook page " about this community? I want to make a facebook page, about this page. Would be awesome, for some people. We should post there tournaments, or some new informations, when something will happen Facebook page, will have " main administrator, moderator " and the others, like here But we will make a info. on facebook. If someone, will want contact someone, we will help him, what he have to do and the others Well, its up to admins, if you will agree with that, and if yes, i will make this " facebook page " and you should help me! We should take some people from " ENT, G-Arena " etc. So, my question is now. Do you agree with that? If yes, say why. If no, say why no Would be a pleasure from me, to help this community Thank you, and also don´t forget say some opinions. With kind regards, Teddy
  5. Farewell

    Hey Gajtan, hey everybody. Sad to see this, one of knowledge players, leaving DotA, and Ohs community. Well, best of luck in your life, stay healthy. Hope, you will stop mh! ( joking ) Have a nice day Sunday, tomorow is Monday ( again ) So hope, you come back fast! See ya, and good luck in real life. Best regards, Teddy
  6. Introduce my self

    Sure come play. Need partner with me And i take everything easy, because life is only one! Need enjoy, and i need noobs like you!
  7. Introduce my self

    Hello dear Dota.Vision community Since, i´m new member in this community, i would like to introduce my self. So.. I´m Patrik Dorička, I´m 16 years old. I´m from Slovakia in capital city Bratislava. I playing ice hockey, florbal and hockeyball. I´m player of HC Slovan Bratislava - Juniors ofc I like girls, hockey, sex. Without girls, are not fun or life! Just joking, and all of you know, girls are lovelly persons ( sometimes no ) Well, i traveled a lot of in WORLD. Was in Germany, Czech Republik, Austria, Croatia, France. I have a bad english, and i´m sorry of that .. About GAMES: I play Dota, sometimes Hvsa. I play dota from mine 9 years. I play too on bot BK - Ghostplay.de mine favorite heroes, are: Slark, sniper, meepo. Always carry, but i´m great supporter too, i play: Necrolyte, windrunner, SkyWrath ( only sometimes ) and Invoker. Another INT heroes play sometimes too. When i have bad day, playing all heroes. ( Need ruin some games ofc! ) Just joking. Well thats all i should have about me. Hope, you will see me in game, and we would have a great games! Good luck with community, and wish all good luck to new ideas into this community. Best regards.
  8. Hello, good afternoon dear DotaVision community and dear admins & moderators & players. I have one suggestion for this community, and maybe you should agree and disagree. So many of you know, in game if somebody TYPE !FF (ForFeit ) it meaning team give up. And there is system 4/5 need !ff For me its not so good. Why? Because always team who ff need to all use it. Not only 4. Its little unfair. Maybe that 5th player want play, and maybe later he should win. I play a lot of games on BK where players starting give up only me didn´t and we win at least. Then they say "thanks for no ff" Maybe you should change it on 5/5 FF system and it should be better. And have second suggestion about !Votekick So many of you know, if somebody use !votekick. Voting only team who start !votekick. For me that is not good idea, because many players, should use that, for their "more golds" and player should be kicked for being noob.. Maybe you should do kick all players who are in game. And if they don´t kick they should get banned for " refuse to kick ". I know, there are not same rules like on BK or ENT or on another bot. But maybe you will agree and maybe no. So please, like! and comment there. Write your opinion too please! Thanks, Have a nice day!
  9. Statspage Gameview & small adjustements

    Hope this community, will have more new upgrades. After BK will shutdown, many players will come there or end with their carier of Dota. I wanted end too, but this BOT OHS is perfect. Nice people, they don´t care about stack and forum is great too. Good luck with that & hope new ideas! Greetings!
  10. Votekick Abuse

    Hello good morning, I want to tell you, in time " 23:25 " you were in team fight, and you don´t use ult... They told you use ult, but you just ignore it. 26:30 u used ult into base hard dmg for real... U just make stupid items on kunkka. For what dagon? for fun or for what? And u did not use it, just u try ks with him.. 33:00 u were in teamfight, and u just doesn´t attack... first kick btw come in time: 26:27 and second 32:28 You was a lot of time, out of teamfights, building really stupid items, refuse to use ult. I understand them very well why they tried to kick you.... And by the way, R3born is mine brother and i was next to him.. I´m sorry for that, they have you in team... U deserved ban for refuse to play in team. Best regards
  11. Dota Vision Youtube Channel Opening

    Ill hope this community will no shut down like bk But lets make some videos of noobs in OHS ( joking ) "maybe" Good luck Etienne, with that. Hope, you will do great work like on BK. Good luck & have fun everybody

    You flamed too, and want report him? So you Both ban then..
  13. Admin request

    Hello, good morning dear community, I want ask you about moderator to help there on this community. For first i introduce myself. Who i am? Im Patrik Dorička im 17 years old soon. Im on school Automechaniker, and doing with computer and others , some people know what i mean I´m from Slovakia in town named Bratislava. My hobbies are: Florbal, Ice hockey and tabble tennis. I´m hockey player - Master of Slovakia with mine club. Named HC SLOVAN BRATISLAVA. I play warcraft since i was 8 years old. I was playing building games for amaters. From 11 - 12 years i play dota and Island defense ( i wish you know what it is ) Why i want to become as mod? Because i´m knowledge player of DOTA. I was moderator on BK bot too. I was too in Dota section. Well, bk community is going down, because they are losing good admins and a lot of players just stack. I´m carry and support player. Sometimes only i play tank But i always fail with tank, i play for fun not for elo. I hate stackers. Always when somebody stack, i pick meepo, because i hate hard stack! Unbelievable I know i have already only 2-3 posts. But i will change it. Because i´m active player. In games i´m so much active! So you can believe in me So maybe we can try it this time maybe My acc is : HazelNuts for by the way. Good luck!
  14. Admin application

    Hello, I know you from bot BK and your behaviour was not good too. And you have low active there on forum, maybe just try to be more active and they will think about that. They need somebody, who is active on forum. And maybe then they gave you a chance. For me i vote now NO. Sorry, but good luck with your request

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