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  1. TCHIM

    To learn

    hi amber. good to see u again...ty for video... =)
  2. TCHIM

    To learn

    Man u trying to say me he has 2 seconds charge/or linken delay. So i ll explain something to u. When bara start charge he Face the target and lift a bit, well... until he charge me, he was mid after fight. NOw enough said. Tell me exact time he TURNS face me and start cast. and where i was.... cause When he face me and cast i WAS in fog and in that EXACT time Linken breaks.... stop making excusses for this cheater kid. Pathetic as fuck.
  3. TCHIM

    To learn

    @FatmanKROUM.... ahhhh now LInken breaks 2sec before he charge me....... ok..... ahahahahahahahah man if staff doesnt want ban him cause is a friend, donate or other reason is soemthing... now pls... stop defending the defenseless. he totally charged me in fog before had vision of me and end point.
  4. TCHIM

    To learn

    i think im not blind @CryWolf. U ONLY CHARGE ME AFTER. i ll repeat again AFTER WARD VISION, 2 second before u had NO VISION FOR ME U CHARGE ME. u stop see me on ward at 43:07 and u cahrge me at 43:09. Its funny cause ur cahrge have 2 sec dealay or linken has 2 sec trigger delay....:D:D:D:D gettng more and more fun to watch u trying to justify ur unfair gameplay. u post a pic 4 sec before ur charge action.
  5. TCHIM

    To learn

    Storm pls .. he breaks my linken AFTER i cross ward vision, actually 1 second later... lol he didnt tryed if u see replay and press stop u see he only face me before i cross ward not during the cross
  6. TCHIM

    To learn

    u only take 2 min to watch. in only at MIn 43:07 to 43:10. Because seems bara has an addition power booster in this patch and i didnt know. just want to know how its possible. 5th spell? a secret hotkey? ahahhaha
  7. TCHIM

    To learn

    HI, all My reason to creat this POst is to learn. cause in 2 years of dota and infinit number of Patch i never had seen player playing bara charging ppl without vision. Some Crywolf budds tell me to watch replay before say anything.... i already watched 2 times in my PoV and his PoV and either ways seems legit is movement. Ban report : https://ohsystem.net/sharedStats/report/view/1487/ "nearly end of game this retard colour player crywolf makes this. min: 43:08. after i get out of ward vision he breaks my linken on fog with charge.... ahahhahaahh all raise Hands and CLAP CLAP and CLAP for this garbage... 100% maphack.Its like trash gyro said ingame before, "its 2018, who doesnt Mh" well i never did, may be normal on this OhS Group.Kiss and HUgs " He can actuallly not Mh because some ppl have knowledge how it works (cant ckick units with Mh), sorry if i dont know how to maphack software works i never played with it or other addictional program. Cause is Obvious he is using something external to game. IM asking, how can i play Bara and charge ppl in fog like @crywolf did. its cool to learn soemthing new once in while. I ended to get banned cause i called him garbage/ trash in this ban report post. Seems legit.... u can play with external software but u cant call trash to low players using that
  8. TCHIM

    Best admin decision ever

    HI cow... u know me..... i miss high elo games ='(
  9. TCHIM

    Best admin decision ever

    https://dota.vision/sharedStats/report/view/400/ Bunek: " As long he is not braking rules he is allowed to play. thanks for report." So, i think we all can play dota here: -ignoring all concept of dota (team game) - buy massive couriers -feed enemy team with hero and chickens -destroy items -go afk on foutain using patrol and share/unshare team Overall on OHS we can do anything here, but if u flame reatrds like this one u get ban. GJ Bunek.... Rank 1 Tendex. Rank 2 Bunek... GJ man

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