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    evidence is nice point if u dont like game just leave it, u will get some hours ban, but if u mess around when game is fucked up u get 5 days ban its fucking nice next time , dont like game just leave!!!! fuck it u can come other day and fuck it again
  2. GuanoApe


    Giedrius and me "vaidas" was playng same IP same room, two others players went afk ,some of whem droped items on ground and did other shit t.t. and last who wanted play was player who reported this game "AUTRALIAN' and i was 3rd player who "ruined game" . Yes i was killed by roshan and neutral creaps 5 times or more players was afk and nobady wanted to kick whem, not nobady only palyer who reported couse in game we ,,left 3 me, my brother and player who reported, so i we had to play two with player who cant understand dota ? or we just try fast end? and i got ban for this just watch replay please before banning
  3. GuanoApe


  4. GuanoApe


    i dont care your opinion where is normal administrators u told u going away so bye bye
  5. GuanoApe


    ID 1495 idiot who reported doenst understand game ruinning meanings, and admin who banned dont give a fuck he just banned couse his friend reported :))) watch replay of this game first before banning super OHS system

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