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  1. stolen account

    yeah; damn australians and their kangaroos
  2. Tournament Registration

    Battlenet name : FatmanKROUM Realm : Europe
  3. OHSystem YouTube Channel Intro

    2 is best 3 would be better than 2 if the sound would be 50% of the volume and no dota channel in the logo imo. good work
  4. DotA -ap

    2+2=4-1=3 Quick maths
  5. DotA -ap

    Sorry I can't hear you over the sound of all them doll hairs I'm getting
  6. DotA -ap

    Can't today... Work.
  7. not trying to deviate from the original topic much (again, great map!) I also remember other maps that were simple and fun back in the days and thought I might write them down and see if it finds collective interest. - Speed Ball -> try to hit others with balls that are lying around for everyone to use - Run Ninja(Kitty, Gay) Run -> try to reach the center of the map while avoiding obstacles
  8. Vote-kick Abuse - alt

    Oh, yeah... I was trying to showcase that it is not an abuse
  9. Vote-kick Abuse - alt

    @GriefCode 1. Blue called mid 2. Orange wants mid 3. Yellow tells Orange - Blue called mid first 4. Orange goes mid - Not rolling for it - Not acknowledging initial mid call from Blue Orange gets Vked because he goes mid without consent from any teammate
  10. Vote-kick Abuse - alt

    01:22 alT: sniper me mid 01:27 seph: i mid 01:29 ChrisLambert: let blue mid he called first sniper called mid, you didn't roll for it but went anyway
  11. not getting any more errors since i updated to latest chrome version.
  12. My issue was that the running games page did not refresh itself and i manually had to press f5 everytime i wanted an updated version of the site (to see who really is currently ingame) Right now it seems to be working just fine but in the console i do get some errors: Tried 2 tabs simultaneously First tab: Second tab: Again the page IS working fine for me since you created this topic. Chrome version is 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) (64-bit) Going to update my browser now and will post again if i can recreate the errors. Statspage version is 1.6.27

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