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  1. Dzevo

    Maphack by michal88

    just make some timestamps, im sure ayylmao will make a scientific analisys with a video clip if he finds a mh moves like he did with viruz xd
  2. Dzevo

    Maphack by michal88

    haha gde ste burazeri xd
  3. Dzevo

    Maphack by michal88

    ask Bunek to send you the replay, i heard he is allowed to download replays
  4. Dzevo


    maybe you are influencing the other players to play like yorself, if you look like a mher in their eyes, then this storm looks like a mher to you.. ^^
  5. you guys from austria, romania and taiwan don't need to worry about his activity, cuz he's gonna have 2k posts in no time when you give him a chance. he was nice admin there, a bit spammy but nice admin overall, many players found usefull stuff and help by him
  6. Dzevo

    Lets laugh

    check this one
  7. good move on excluding meepo lc slark videos, maybe you should exclude sniper also, because lothar or MoM sniper has nothing to do with skills, it's more like autoattack
  8. Dzevo

    dzevo beauty Maphacker

    ofc i know Gajtan who wouldn't know the players that are as skilled as Dino? yea i know when he pawned those stacks with Tiny, they couldn't cross the river
  9. Dzevo

    dzevo beauty Maphacker

    gajtan the hex Naix? yea i know him
  10. Dzevo

    dzevo beauty Maphacker

    lol, it's good to be accused for mh, means you are advancing
  11. Dzevo

    2 or 3 maphackers in sentinel

    lol, you are still intrigued about this match? it wasn0t any maphack, how do you explain the situation where our bot tower lvl2 was pushed by creeps, and I came down to defend, and you suddenly aaproached me with ww and killed me using orchid and high dmg with MKB? if you think I had a maphack do you think I would let you kill me? it wans't any kind of hacks, you guys just rocked the early game, we rocked the late game with Gem, and that's it
  12. Dzevo

    2 or 3 maphackers in sentinel

    wow, don't you mean my Huskar? we had a gem, Mortred bought it in the lategame stage. Ofc it wasn't any kind of maphack, geez, its the 2nd accusation for mh on my count in a just few days.. there isn't any kind of maphack, there are early heroes like your Bone Fletcher and Axe, you guys did really good job in early game, because we hadn't any farm. But then again there are late heroes like Mortred, and Huskar, I had 4k HP and Mortred had gem, Bara was nice with ganking too. If you have some serious accusement, please provide gamelink and suspicious moments, when it happened, why do you think it was MH etc... regards
  13. Dzevo

    dzevo beauty Maphacker

    Hello dudes, well im new to this community, i dont know who should I talk to about this.. Well it wasn't any kind of maphack, Bloodseeker was just low HP, so I assumed he will go to the base and heal, meanwhile I was thinking about ''aha, bs is low hp, i guess he will need about 20 seconds till he gets to the base and heal, I will cast my ulti in 20 seconds... so that's what happened , I jjust casted my ult, and BS trapped on it and died. Ofc we hadn't any vision in their base, it was just pure intuition Secondly, I know Im new here to this comunnity, I registered like 2-3 days ago, and I might have look like stranger or whatever, but I played alot of games on other bots aswell, and i asure you that I never used any kind of mh on any bot.. Regards, Dzevo about chasing me with lothar...well I can tell you that I have some experience with invisible heros chasing me, they did it like 1000 times in my 1000 games on other bots, so sometimes I just know when to go back, when to bait etc.. thats all ^^

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