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  1. kallezein


    make a real unban appeal, this is ignored
  2. DLR can u please be any faster ?
  3. Challenge @CryWolf VS @Bee 1 vs 1 HERO : BARA, Only mid. Would be fun ???? Kunkka-
  4. kallezein

    total mega noob need ban!

    https://ohstats.net/en/game/105907 I think thats the game and SK had donjoon28 1-11-15 he had atleast 15 assist. @Bee , you deciede , what you think? His first game
  5. HeyThereImInKevin banned for Vk abuse. Thanks for the report. Kunkka-
  6. kallezein

    Please Unban

    Game lInk or this appeal will be ignored Megantron?
  7. kallezein

    unban pls

    Can you please give us the gamelink ? Kunkka-
  8. kallezein

    Binary : Staff Application

    Welcome Back You know what ur new job is Mid or feed right? Regards
  9. kallezein

    ban request multiple offenses

    Sure_win banned 2 day for itemstealing and Afk greif. I will put 2 days so you can read the rules after you have done that make an appeal and either me or some other admin will unban you for a second chance. Sure_win Click on All Activity Then Guidelines Read the rules Regards Kunkka-
  10. kallezein

    game crash

    Sorry for the late replay but i Unbanned you
  11. kallezein

    Crash error

    Bee is lying, he kicks all before throne is down Like he said, i reinstalled also and it worked for me also, now i only DC 2 times in 15-25 games
  12. kallezein

    vk abuse

    Truuu banned for 1 day for VK abuse Nerzo banned for 1 day for VK abuse Redscar banned for 1 day for VK abuse If you SD him , he clearly got decent stats. This was a game where he unfortunetley failed and that happens and he didnt feed on purpose. People can have bad games and you know it. Regards Kunkka-
  13. kallezein


    Alt_QQ i need the game linc like BEE asked for to solve this problem Regards Kunkka-
  14. kallezein

    Unban pls

    ur unbanned GLF&HF Kunkka-
  15. I will put a 1 week ban duration for you, not beacuse you deserve it, but for 2 other reasons. 1. I want you to read the rules before you play here. 2. Consider this is ur first game When you are finished reading the rules come back to me and i will unban you. Regards Kunkka-

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