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  1. Hello, Not sure if anyone has found this out already, but in the latest version there are two bugs with Rooftrellen; 1) Agha doesn't work, and can't be sold once it is bought. 2) If you buy Ghost Sceptre, once used it makes Roof into a perma ghost. This was very cool for a few minutes, until I realised there was no way to reverse it, making me virtually useless. Thanks.
  2. Tomot

    Patch 1.29 Live

    Thanks man, all sorted now!
  3. Tomot

    Patch 1.29 Live

    Installed the patch, restarted comp and ran WC3 as admin but when I try to log onto BNet I get this response. Any help or suggestions please? I've tried the steps CryWolf listed above and certainly haven't been hacking. Thanks.

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