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  1. DOMINIK264

    vk abuse

    Truuu,Nerzo,Redscar vk abuse aginst me. [#101578] -OHS- DotA -apem #91 Timestap of the vokekick around min.30. thx. I was playing with my second acc,Proskills.
  2. DOMINIK264

    Graou Vk abuse/Flame

    and u must know how to shut the fuck up since when i leave a game u noob.check me 1600 games and tell me. ffs really
  3. DOMINIK264

    Graou Vk abuse/Flame

    just a game,just for fun..
  4. DOMINIK264

    Graou Vk abuse/Flame

    I was playing with (Proskillz) acc and graou was in my team.he stark vk abuse against me and flame me hard. pls ban..
  5. DOMINIK264

    Inhouse DotA League

    why not
  6. DOMINIK264

    New Elo System Plan (Finally)

    Okey thats nice. I´m we happy we going back to old system.
  7. DOMINIK264

    New Elo System Plan (Finally)

    Hi, What exectly u mean with this So u can win or loose 25 elo in one game? Or is it like the old elo system...if u stack u get 2-3 elo and the winning team get 10-15?
  8. DOMINIK264


    Atleast 4 days is to mutch..and i know we talk about something,and i remember that..dont think like that i dont care about what u say to me.but i just wantet to kick him cause he allready ruined the game..i know i made a mistake..thx
  9. DOMINIK264


    5 days ban,kakapo.for just a "try" to kick a ruiner? its a bit hard or... some noobs for example they destroy items and leave get 8 h ban ...what is that!-.-
  10. DOMINIK264


    how long i´m banned?-.-
  11. DOMINIK264


    Shareabuse :D,u could buy your own... i could also report u for game´ruin,u take mid and gang one time the whole game as maincarry,u didnt help us once a teamfight..so y i start a vk about u,and i dont care about the vk abuse atm cause game was allready lost cause of u wp ...

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