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  1. Storm-


    Judging by your recent games, I'd say its plenty challenging for you. There is only so much farm going around without neutrals, and if youre taking all that farm, you should atleast carry the game. And picking Lina into Bara/Riki is basicly asking to get rekt. People have beeen playing Slark/Lc/Meepo/Bara forever, its not just OHS, BK/ENT both have these hero picks, and honestly, they are fucking easy AF to counter. Unless youre Buubs, spamming Lina isnt going to work out when they have 2/3 counters to you everygame. Learn to pick better, instead of spamming a single hero like our dear Rikimaru with his Omni, and then bitching about it being because of the 'Stats.' To sum it up? GIt Gud Scrub.
  2. Storm-

    Ban Report: Item steal.

    Game-link: https://ohstats.net/en/game/82947 Offending player(s) lobby-number or color or ign: Mianmianhae (Grey) Time occured: Around the 20th minute Details(optional): Couple of people dropped out, Zues and Bara, Bara was on our team, and our Slark decided it was a good item to steal all Bara items by putting them in his courier and then selling them himself for maxium $
  3. Storm-

    Tournament Registration

    Team Name: Forgot to warm-up Members: Mom. @Europe.battle.net, FeelsBadMan @Europe.battle.net
  4. Storm-

    ban request

  5. Storm-

    ban request

  6. Storm-

    ban request

  7. Storm-

    ban request

  8. Storm-

    ban request

  9. Deep down, I think we all have a little MexicanWisp in us. Don't hate, spread the love at the legends return.
  10. I agree with CryWolf. I mean, He didn't get the featured comment for no reason. Also, there was like 10+ fake accounts which voted in that poll, russian meddling I expect. CYKA BLYAT!
  11. There is no such thing as a perfect elo system, not even dota 2 has one. Griefcode makes a new one you like, there will be other players who dislike it, and then they will complain about it, and then Griefcode will change it again and so on and so forth. Basicly to sum it up:
  12. MexicanWisp, the legend who has returned, has over a 90% winrate, and thats with CryWolf being His most played ally, so you know he is good https://ohstats.net/en/player/mexicanwisp/europe.battle.net Maybe you are playing the game wrong, instead of having fun with it, you are trying to get number 1 on the top list, by playing a support. I mean, who among us, ever expects @CryWolf to get the number 1 position? Also, its kinda ironic that you claim the only way to avoid losing 'the hard build up ELOS' is stacking and tryharding, which is literally all you do. There is only 1 reason you are spamming Omniknight, and thats because he has 1 of the highest winrates on any of the heroes, at 57%, infact, there is only 1 other hero with a higher % chance to win, and thats GEO. Riki gonna come back spamming geo confirmed.
  13. Storm-

    Tournament Registration

    Y'all should maybe advertise this Tourny, seeing as youre 3 teams short.
  14. Storm-

    Abuse Votekick

    I didn't just abuse votekick once, not even twice, I did it 3 times, and the third time I did it, I laughed, because the last guy we kicked, was kicked because I tricked him into kicking the other 2 people, just so I could kick him. and I would do it again and again, infact, I didnt just votekick abuse, I flamed my whole team, like adamantius style, or worse even. Just perma ban Me. This isn't the first time Ive done this and it sure as well wont be the last.

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