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  1. Storm-

    Inhouse DotA League

  2. Storm-

    100% Maphacker Pudge( Janurj)

    AyyLmao 13 July 15:32 if you think janu has mh u need to rethink how fucking bad you are at the game seriously lmao That post didn't age well at all.
  3. Storm-

    Elo problem

    Right up your alley than mate.
  4. Storm-

    Elo problem

    Maybe if you travelled to the UK you would lose some of that weight.
  5. Storm-

    Elo problem

    Stealing from your own relatives...that's low.
  6. Storm-

    Elo problem

    Who did you steal the TV from?
  7. Storm-

    Elo problem

    Took you 10 hours to come up with THAT reponse? Sad!
  8. Storm-

    Elo problem

    So is Erdogan a relative of yours
  9. Storm-

    Elo problem

    Maybe the gypsies stole their culture?
  10. Storm-

    Elo problem

    Are you trying to speak Turkish rofl. Im a man of culture.
  11. Storm-

    Elo problem

    Can I get that in English?
  12. Storm-

    Elo problem

    Thank you. Cant trust a cunt like crywolf to give correct information.
  13. Storm-

    Elo problem

    In all my 22 years on this planet, I have not once used google image reverse search. Thats like using Mh in dota.
  14. Storm-

    Elo problem

    The more important question is, who is the girl in your profile pic? Someone has to ask the hard questions for science.
  15. Storm-


    Maybe they are just... Bad players Yeah, Im a legend

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