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  1. Taybard

    Introduce my self

    Welcome here TeddyNoobMaster
  2. Taybard

    Introduce my self

    Nice to have you around Mandy <3 we'll have to play again together like we were used to on Ghostplay #DRKForLife Wish you all a great day, Nico
  3. We got a similar rule on ghostplay, it work perfectly fine, no one complains of it.
  4. Hi ladies and gentlemens. I would like to make a little suggestion, regarding the dota rules you have in place atm. There's one rule that could be really nice to implement : Lane Steal. I just finished a game, and this was really dissapointing, because i called mid, but because of one guy who checked my stats, and saw that i was 11/13 with one defeat, he was like "nope, no mid for you" So now let's come to the suggestion : Lane Steal : Respect your teammate's call. If someone call for a lane (for exemple mid), going there aswell, can be punished by a ban. (i'll let you decide what punishment if you ever wanna add this rule) Call a lane without picking hero first is ignorable, and the call can be outpassed by someone else. I hope it's understandable, and that you'll consider adding it Wishing you all a good day, Nico
  5. Taybard

    Greetings from Taybard :)

    Thanks for your welcome
  6. Taybard

    Greetings from Taybard :)

    Hello everyone from Dota Vision I'm Nico, i'm 21 years old, and i live is France, in Elsass. I play warcraft since i'm 7 years old, so yeah, i can be considered as an "old guard" from warcraft community in general . I actually work as a waiter in a restaurant, since now a bit more than a year. It's a very cool job, but tbh, i dont know if i'll continue doing it more than 1 year or 2, cause it's really damn exhausting for the nervs and body . Due to my work, i will more likelly be a bit inactive at some period (especially end of year). I like to play tabletop wargames like Warhammer, Mordheim, Blood Bowl, and more recently i started play with some friends Hail Caesar & Black Powder, 2 historical wargames made by Wargames Factory and the Perry Brothers, 2 old members from Games Workshop who were used to work on Warhammer On warcraft, i had many accounts, but my most "famous" one is Taybard . I was part of almost every famous clan, and there was a time where i was very active. Now, it's been almost a year since i pretty much play only games from Ghostplay.de (dota, hvsa, Ltd and some Castle fight). Now that Ghostplay is shutting down, i come here, following some of my ghostplay friends who are already sticking around I think i said pretty much enough already if you want to learn more about me, then feel free to contact me in private Best regards, Nico

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