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  1. Top 10 players you've ever met/seen on bnet

    duflo is joining bk -ap games sometimes fyi if we can make the -ap bot alive, then we gonna see some interesting players back in the game instead of heading to iccup, RGC or mymgn
  2. Top 10 players you've ever met/seen on bnet

    Gajtan/crywolf(?)/dinodude/peachtree or ayylmao or ember/g.0.d/duflo/tufu/proud.penguin/kaelthinvoker aka the_enigma/buubs
  3. stolen account

    as i said, it is really hard for you to prove to me that you are the real ddhodor, especially after what @EliteShadow said. nevertheless since your account is deleted, it isn't considered "stolen" as you claimed, it was available and i took it. also, since you are a liar, you would wish to have your account back, but you're not. game over. "have in mind that if you were the true DDohor, you would recognize who i am since we were friends. bb
  4. stolen account

    i've been playing for a week from lebanon, account still shows that it's from italy
  5. stolen account

    as i know, the real ddohor is from italy. now you are from austria, which makes it a bit squishy
  6. An Offer More Than An Application

    @CryWolf can you close this topic please?
  7. Current statspage development

    playing the game is different than trying to accomplish something where you really need to work hard for it, playing a game cannot bring you to be demotivated. but working for nothing and with no response makes you feel that all of your work is useless... i hope i delivered the message correctly
  8. Current statspage development

    hey grief i know that feeling. i wish i or anyone here could be more helpful in whatever you need so all of this come to life. as you mentioned, the statspage do have some minor bugs indeed, but it is stable. but reworking everything from scratch is not actually needed, if the whole thing is working properly. just find a reliable time to make a few fixes imo , and work from scratch on your "extended free time". also have in mind that alot of people maybe cannot fully understand what is going on, for example newcommers like me, with a bit of heavy setbacks in real life, that does not help me use my thoughts to read all the updates and "think" of how i can criticize or share new ideas, cause honestly i have none atm . but i hope in time, when the members actually finds a way to follow you in thoughts, or me recover from all the stuff, while you can recover your motivation, then we can all find our way back into helping each other to make this community even greater than it is now. i hope that defines what i mean, and i wish you the very best of luck.
  9. Tournament Bracket

    lebanese ppl own
  10. Support this community :)

    if @GriefCode and the admin team agrees, i can promote this page and make it visible to all, bring it into social media and make it all popular with a few clicks of mine, but in order to do so, i need access as an admin to the page so i can edit a few things. (after your agreement and trust)
  11. Tournament Bracket

    now i know who you are :))))))))) @Bee remember TheAxeShow from DRB ?
  12. Tournament Bracket

    @CryWolf win goes to @Bee (again) https://ohstats.net/en/game/171834
  13. Tournament Bracket

    The-EGS-TV vs @Bee (disconnected) disconnected wins https://ohstats.net/en/game/171656 gg wp m8 @CryWolf please update bracket
  14. Ban Request/ Game ruin

    hello, https://ohstats.net/en/game/171237 sniper feed on purpose and even announced it in mid game, then destroyed items and leave. don't forget the insults from chatbox ty and regards

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