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  1. An Offer More Than An Application

    Hey, might be, that my opinion is not counting a lot here, since I got a low amount of posts and a low amount of games on OHS, but if someone deserves a chance, it is this dude. Etienne got like 3k posts on BK and when he was admin, he was basically online 24 hours for banrequests, technical questions and suggestions, how to improve the bot. I am his ex-root-buddy from BK and I need to say, that we supported each other in a lot of ways. Good luck, Etienne, maybe you find some peace here now Best regards, Berna
  2. Staff application

    Thank you for your warm welcome, mate, but they still need me on BK as root admin and we get 2 new forum owners, so not sure, how active, I will be here. Ofc, I will offer my help, when I play my 1 - 2 games per months here on OHS
  3. Staff application

    Congratulations as mod, Bee, I am sure, you will do a great work as on DRB, too. Seldom found such a mannered dude like him. Best regards, Berna

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