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  1. @Graou First of all, I feel disgusted when you said you are one of the oldest member here and you are cool and do not like people to flame when you are doing the absolute opposite. I do not agree with your accusation of saying me toxic or NEVER helped the team. I been helping the team in the team fight and tried my best. This is shocking of what you said. You are no doubt hallucinating and a lier, anyone watch the replay can see what you said is totally untrue. I am glad Crywolf made the right decision to ban you and its fair.
  2. Graou flamed for no reason, I dont understand him but players play games for pleasure not to be flamed. I felt offended when I was flamed by him for no reason.
  3. Ban report

    Hahaha, i was shocked by his ''performance''. I done nothing wrong and he probably had a bad day, but he shouldnt put his anger on other players like this, i was very dissapointed in him to be honest, then i saw his report other people flaming. what a joke
  4. Hi Admins, Player: graoueurope.battle.net Game: https://ohstats.net/en/game/172034 I want to complain Player Graou for flaming all game and try to encourage other players to votekick me for his ''pleasure'' I just saw his post yesterday said as a ''cool player''' , I done nothing wrong in the game, apart from him dying and accused me waited for the last kill when he saw me triple kills, i couldnt see and i been trying to play as best as possible in the game. I cant decide but that's my opinion, flaming all game and tried to encourage abuse votekick. Many thanks Rikimaru
  5. Ban report

    Look at this game, i just played with Graou, he flamed hard! https://ohstats.net/en/game/172034
  6. Hi Admins, Good morning. I would like to report the players for abuse Votekick even tho i won the game as their opponents. I can see Phoenix is "quite new" to the game but this is abuse Votekick. Game Link: https://ohstats.net/en/game/171105 I am going to work now. Have a good day Many thanks RIKI Game Link
  7. Intentionally Leave Game (1)

    Hi Bee, The auto ban didnt work because the game stopped as a draw because another player left after topspin left. The game automatcically being recorded as draw if 2 players left within 1 min we wanted to wait at least 5 mins to get him banned but we couldnt becaise of the auto ban did not work that way... Thanks Riki
  8. Following my previous tread, Intentionally Leave Game (1), Game name: https://ohstats.net/en/game/170761 I also want to report tartufo europe.battle.net for intentionally leave to ruin the game after topspin did last game. We were 5 friends and it wasnt easy for us to get together in the same team. People start to ruin the games by leaving Thanks Riki
  9. Hi Admins, I want to report someone, topspin topspineurope.battle.net for intentionally leaving game / destroy game because he thinks team 2 is stacked. Unfortunately, the game was stopped after 1 minute because another guy left because of topspin Game name: https://ohstats.net/en/game/170750 You can see the chat in the next game as below https://ohstats.net/en/game/170761 Lobby Chat 01:43 Topspin: man 01:45 Criminal: yeah 01:46 Topspin: what a game 01:57 Criminal: is it auto drwa now? 01:03 donkubin: wtf toipspin? 01:17 BadBoy4Life: topspuin 01:20 BadBoy4Life: leaver 01:21 BadBoy4Life: kick 01:22 Topspin: stop fucking stack 01:26 BadBoy4Life: leave 01:29 Topspin: yea im leaver 02:31 donkubin: wtf?? 02:37 BadBoy4Life: leave 02:39 manos_88: then leave and go next 02:39 Topspin: but you a stacker 02:44 BadBoy4Life: fuck off 02:45 donkubin: leave 02:47 Xson: dont leave 02:47 BadBoy4Life: leave 02:48 BadBoy4Life: go nextr 02:02 Topspin: yy 02:02 BadBoy4Life: i gonna report you 02:05 Topspin: go on 02:07 BadBoy4Life: if you leave 02:09 BadBoy4Life: ip ban 02:11 Topspin: ahah 02:13 Relapse-: !scores 02:17 donkubin: !votekick top 02:25 Rikimaru: i will report him 03:33 donkubin: yea 03:04 Rikimaru: !scores 04:41 blueboy3: !scores 04:48 blueboy3: !scores 04:57 Akunamatata: !scores 04:04 blueboy3: !scores 04:21 manos_88: !checkme 05:31 chikenInBoots: !scores 05:47 AlaNt!: !scores 05:48 Xson: i go make myslef coffe 05:50 Xson: brb 05:54 BadBoy4Life: kkk 05:03 ElCazador: la cosa?? 06:59 manos_88: penetrufos friend? 06:05 BadBoy4Life: me 06:10 manos_88: o lalagay 06:12 manos_88: 06:19 manos_88: o enas apo tous 4 mayrous? 07:33 BadBoy4Life:
  10. First of all, I am not involve in this game at all and its not related to me. Since I looked at the forum from time to time. I want to say there must be fair enough for all the players want to play. Sometimes, in my team, there is a noob (or sometimes more than 1) is feeding, more like intentionally feeding or intentionally making his own team feed, I am very reluctant to type !yes to Votekick the feeder because I am afraid that I could get myself ban because of this. Yesterday and from time to time, I have feeder in my team, I felt that player is feeding or too noob in the game. I lost the game because of this and its very frustrating and I can' kick him. Sometimes, even I finally been forced to type !yes to Votekick that person, I feared I will be banned soon if someone reported this. Kind regards Riki
  11. Ban Request/ Game ruin and account steal

    Thank you Kakapo, very much appreciated
  12. Ban Request/ Game ruin and account steal

    Hi Admins, I do not agree at all,. I was the one who pushing all game, you can see i destroyed most of the towers myself, 4 TOWERS & 6 RACKS) (even tho it was back door, not to be proud of) Our heroes were not end game hero and the opponents get better hero because i noticed we lose if we go together, this is why i play solo to distract them and kill towers. The opponents were busy defending all games because of me. I understand, everyone has their own style to play. However, i would like to report the h0ly-hackereurope.battle.net and renn0europe.battle.net for abuse votekick. I won the game for them and I dont deserve this. Thanks Rikimaru
  13. Flaming

    Teamplayer flaming and abuse Votekick. Thanks admin. https://ohstats.net/en/game/169111 Lobby Chat 09:35 teamplayer: !sd 09:39 Fa-Q: !scores 09:42 teamplayer: no luck with my alli 09:54 teamplayer: then bad stats....... 09:20 mrrg.: !scores 10:30 mrrg.: !sd isc 12:34 teamplayer: plz 12:43 teamplayer: dont leave me with the nuub 12:02 mrrg.: which one? 12:09 teamplayer: danzel 12:17 teamplayer: he follows me everywhere and feed 12:25 mrrg.: he won last game 12:29 teamplayer: by luck 13:35 mrrg.: everyone hates him though 13:42 mrrg.: even when he doesn;t feed 13:48 teamplayer: i ignored him 13:51 teamplayer: he is useless 13:55 teamplayer: on every point 14:05 teamplayer: he usually stays afk 3 minutes 14:14 teamplayer: then he says gg gl blabla 14:16 teamplayer: then he feeds 14:28 teamplayer: being absolutely clueless 15:34 teamplayer: with his shit yunero 15:36 teamplayer: shit moves 15:39 teamplayer: shit fights 15:45 teamplayer: shit clicks 15:53 teamplayer: he is a fucking unbrained tard shit 15:22 mrrg.: so much hate 16:41 teamplayer: i hated retarded people 16:42 Rikimaru: lol 16:48 Rikimaru: what did he do to you 16:52 teamplayer: who come again and again spoil dota games 16:02 teamplayer: go fucking eat your pooh 17:54 mrrg.: nom nom 17:03 Rikimaru: !ignore team
  14. Abuse Votekick

    https://ohstats.net/en/game/169111 Teamplayer teamplayereurope.battle.net abuse Votekick and took leaver gold to win.
  15. Abuse Votekick

    Abuse votekick to win https://ohstats.net/en/game/168956 camil1989 europe.battle.net jokerman europe.battle.net sebax europe.battle.net army_boy_ europe.battle.net

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