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  1. + Hope so, this crazy stats have been going for at least 6 months, and you can see all the top players are no longer active as soon as they get to 1300 mark. everyone knows if they lose 1 game, they need to win 10 games to cover this. Better not playing than to play, its true. I used to play like about 70 games a week but now, maybe 1 game a week (tho, i am playing poker instead, i win money and its pretty good return!!, its statistics, maths and psychology games) P
  2. Hi Grief, This is even worse for me, https://ohstats.net/en/game/98503 I lose 28 elos in a game, is that normal? when i win 1 game, i win 1.5 elo, when i lose 1 game, i lose 28 elos Cheers Riki
  3. Rikimaru

    Creating DIHL for OHS?

  4. Rikimaru

    All who are in favour of playing dihl say i

    I :D I think i have a positive feeling with ENT players :D
  5. Rikimaru

    Creating DIHL for OHS?

    I dont know you but i dont like the people you, too much mess up, people here just want to enjoy the games, enjoy good games and playing. Not writing an essay and complaining all the time. If you want to complain all the time, this place is probably not for you Riki
  6. Rikimaru

    Inhouse DotA League

    Sounds good, count me in
  7. Rikimaru

    100% Maphacker Pudge( Janurj)

  8. Rikimaru

    100% Maphacker Pudge( Janurj)

    AyyLmao, you are a maphacker!
  9. Rikimaru


    Happpy birthday and many happy returns Kakapo!
  10. Rikimaru

    Votekick Abuse

    no probs, Thanks
  11. Rikimaru

    Votekick Abuse

    game Link: https://ohstats.net/en/game/93508 reason: abuse Votekick Many thanks RIki
  12. Rikimaru

    The worse player

    Can any admins comment? Thanks
  13. Rikimaru

    The worse player

    Game Link: https://ohstats.net/en/game/90175 Player: boomboomkid Offenses 1) Intentionally feed : he even told furion that he is top so he can feed, he purposely feed so many times 2) Game ruin: he even bought gem and purposely die so enemy can get the gem and kill us 3) Swearing all game: see his chat, he swear so badly 4) He even said he gonna change IP to avoid ban, i am not sure how admin can deal with the players like this? Changing ip to avoid ban, and keep ruin again In my opinion, he is one of the worse player i have seen for a long time. This player should deserve a very long ban and not sure how to block him to change IP Many thanks RIki
  14. Rikimaru

    Votekick Abuse

    Hi Game Link: https://ohstats.net/en/game/87377 Abusers: jamais203 , kapit , manolo reason: kapit and rgatga were kicked for no reason. Regards Riki
  15. Rikimaru


    Fine, i aint say this anymore. Suit yourseflf

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