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  1. Rikimaru


    Fine, i aint say this anymore. Suit yourseflf
  2. Rikimaru


    I share your feel mate, many good regular players stopped playing recently, too many players, mostly because of the stats in my opinion. I also stopped for a few days and today got nothing to do so i play a few. Gaming is kind of addcition for many players, once they found a few addiction, they most likely wont be back for a while
  3. Hey guys, Anyone lag after the 1.29 update? My ping is about 15ms but the game lag so much, all game and most game i dropped out. Cheers Riki
  4. Rikimaru

    !draw option

    i been saying this for about 10 times now... i already seen a few active players are no longer playing, Manos88 , topspin, badboy all gone i also know many active players are not happy but they just not on the forum but used to be very active playing. Regards RIkimaru
  5. Hello, I feel the Current system has to stop asap, otherwise, we will see players migrating to somewhere else or some other games. 1. The current ELO system, especially a) Punishing the regular players, Win 1.6 Elos but when lose, lose 16 elos b) Draw = Lose, i lose so many elos because of the auto draw https://ohstats.net/en/game/83153 2) So many smuf accounts, players steal the newbie accounts, with very bad stats but trap them caught of guard. How OHS can be allowed another player to ''hack'' another player account in the first place? Is this legal?? Regards Rikimaru
  6. Rikimaru

    Abuse Votekick

    Hi Admins, Game Link: https://ohstats.net/en/game/82787 reason: Slark was abuse vk by the team Regards Rikimaru
  7. Yeah. I think you are correct. The previous 5000 ELO system required a slight modification, which is equally distribute the winning or losing point equally to the team mates (Maybe excluding the ones that left the game). I think this is fair. With 2 ELO systems shown on the stats. Will fulfil all the players and satisfy everyone in the community. For clarification, the 2 ELO systems refer as below 1) the 5000 ELO modify with winning or losing equally distributed among the team except those left game earlier. 2) the current 1300 ELO modify with auto draw = no lose. Regards Rikimaru
  8. Hello All, I was sitting in my garden yesterday and apple fell on my head! @GriefCodeI think there might be a solution for all the players but not sure if it' possible to be implemented. 1) Modify the stat page, to 2 links/tabs. I.e. Shows Stats 1: the old elo system Stats 2: the current ELO system 2) When entering the game, not sure if it' possible for players to enter command either they want to use the setting to see Stat 1 or Stat 2 display on the system. Ahhh. I think, maybe we can display 2 ELO stats 1 and stats 2 together in the game? Thanks Kind regards Rikimaru
  9. feel your reply is completely out of subject, focusing on others players and me instead of the Elo calculation. Its not about Support, Carry, Omni, or Geo, its about the system calculation!
  10. Hi All, The current ELO system is unrealistic, if lose 1 game, need to win 10 games to get the ELO back. This is 90% of winning rate. How many players have 90% of winning rate? if they are not stacking and try hard. I feel the current ELO system is ''punishing'' the OHS players that play frequently in the community. Honestly, I feel tired of the current ELO system after several weeks and i know many other players are feeling the same. The only way to avoid losing the hard build up ELOS is stacking and try hard: As a result, there is less fun in the process, less enjoyment. A game suppose to be enjoyable in my opinion. I might take a break from the game until a more realistic and fair ELO calculation is in place Thanks Kind regards RIkimaru
  11. Rikimaru

    Problem with a game

    Its a bugs, but when the new elo system, then this will be recalculated Cant wait for the new elo system to be implemented
  12. Rikimaru

    New statspage

    It says ''An error occurred while loading the web debug toolbar. Open the web profiler'' Thanks RIkimaru
  13. Rikimaru

    New statspage

    I tried to open this link https://dev.ohstats.net/ using desktop but it still doesnt say anything, apart of ''crywolf' sucks'' lol
  14. Rikimaru

    New statspage

    I com a try with deskop version. The website doesn't seems to open property. I am on my android at the moment

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