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  1. Delete

    Ban appeal

    Landlord decıded to pay me a vısıt unexpectedly and so ı had to go deal wıth hım and I forogt about my game, and when ı got back ıbeen booted for beıng afk,please unban and all the best.
  2. Delete

    Huskar afk griefing and destroying item

    Grab your pitchforks lads, TingTongBell said he would delete his account if i wasn't banned and he is too important of a player and a valued member of this community . Make it 1000 life sentences for Delete...
  3. Delete

    Huskar afk griefing and destroying item

    Yep, the axe was really bad. Seemed like the only one trying to do anything, i think we should make that a bannable offense by 1year. Someone should start a poll on it ASAP. We need justice for yet another game ruined. EDIT: Sorry didn't realise you were a girl, ill watch my mouth next match. Apologies
  4. Suggestion to make courier de-mining a bannable offense with a similar penalty to VKA or Game-ruining, since couriers are supposed to invulnerable next to the well, not the entire map, some members have suggested to just kill the courier but that poses the question of how your supposed to be anywhere on the map in a moments notice.
  5. Delete

    VK abuse

    OHS -Dota Apem #53 votekicked out because i went to jungle. HuTieUMuC MarfyCZ Sia around minute 30or something
  6. Still too long imo. Needs to have some speed, i get bored just watching that 8s
  7. Delete

    Stats Reset

    Reset on : : Delete us-west and on :: Exo us-east
  8. Delete

    Ban report ---TCHIM--- gameruin/vk abuse

    It was my understanding that it isnt vk abuse if the votekick was due to "sabotage" and game ruining.. have you ever had anyone take your items off your hero and destroy them? never had a game that toxic but if doing this is alright, everyones cool to do it?
  9. apologies, i found your instructions to make ban reports a bit complicated. lich was trying to vk abuse and then he sold or destroyed my items from the share ally feature [#59448] -OHS- DotA apem #54 around minute 16, sorry for the problems

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