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  1. TingTongBell

    Huskar afk griefing and destroying item

    ban this delete ( axe ) he didnt votekick , even huskie afk and destroying all item
  2. -OHS- Dota Apem #73 minutes 9 he alrdy cry and ff the game 09:00 alT: ok afk me 09:01 alT: !ff 09:02 alT: bye minutes 18 he start to afk griefing then destroying all his item and our axe ruin this game to by not kicking him and keep talk nonsense and insult .... i know i need to attach files , but i dont know why the website wont let me download it https://ohstats.net/en/game/165147 please do something to this huskie and axe that site wont let me download wc3 files (You don't have permission to access /92145.w3g on this server. )
  3. -OHS- Dota Apem #61 minutes 14 , he type ff , give up the games then start to afk 14:06 midorfeedbambi: wow venge 14:07 ViRuZ-: where 14:08 ViRuZ-: is the easy part 14:10 midorfeedbambi: and morph 14:16 YamiBakura32: venge plays better than u 14:20 midorfeedbambi: yeha ....... 14:26 midorfeedbambi: 0-3 14:29 midorfeedbambi: is god like 15:40 ViRuZ-: omw 15:41 Chrysanthem: sec 15:46 ViRuZ-: 3 15:55 ViRuZ-: wtf 15:55 ViRuZ-: 15:15 ViRuZ-: he heal 15:18 ViRuZ-: but no shield 15:21 ViRuZ-: 15:22 ViRuZ-: 15:24 midorfeedbambi: gj 15:27 midorfeedbambi: afk end wp 15:29 play_honestly: cd 16:30 ViRuZ-: sniper tanked. 16:30 Chrysanthem: lol 16:30 YamiBakura32: mirana piece of shit 79406.w3g
  4. TingTongBell

    hi unban

    better ban this kind of people forever ,, lina feed on purposed because him after lina kicked , he still refuses to play too so he really want to ruin the game , Late pick , insult mid lane , then afk grieving .... dont unban this kind of trash can host ban this trash forever ? im willing to donate 100 usd for this website , if u ban this trash forever / permanent ban
  5. Both of them figth about mid lane then start to insult each other after that lina ( Downn ) he keep feed mid lane on purposed and giving enemy free item and lina buy alot of chick then feed to enemies Inline ( ezalor ) keep afk griefing lev 2 at fountain till game over 77368.w3g

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