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  1. mnotabrdk

    The state of OHS

    Mirana!, proofs were everywhere, ppl complain about admins pretty often, if all old forums were active, you would see how many topics were opened about certain admins that still reside here and still abuse their powers. About stacking, You're talking nonsense. Admins NEVER balance and they certainly will never admit they are abusing powers from time to time, not to mention how ppl when they see admin instantly join his team and no one wants to switch. Arent you a little surprised that every game was 5/25 elo game even long before this new ELO bug? I never had a balanced solid game on this bot in months but i got used to that and now i dont care in which team i play since this bot will never do anything about it anyway. I just make myself a sandwich, and have fun watching noobs argue and flame over 0/30 elo game
  2. -OHS- DotA apem #99 , my bad, i dont know where to get link for the game, everything is bugged. Anyway, i wanna post ban request+intentional feeding+courier feeding for The.Red and ban request for flame+afk for Fart Cloud. Ty
  3. mnotabrdk

    The state of OHS

    Smurfs arent "increase in player base", ways to improve bot is to implement autobalance, votekick in lobby, controlling smurfs and false bans, controlling admins and listening to community, and not your few close friends while ignoring "less active" people. Is that important enough or you need more detailed?
  4. mnotabrdk

    The state of OHS

    @Storm- you are right, and the only one whos to blame are admins and operators of this bot. balance still not implemented, stackers every game, i am searching for 20 mins to get "balanced" game that isn't 25 / 5, ppl are sick of that, admins switched to new provider million times, ppl constantly complaining about fault bans, mutes, abusing powers, elo... PPl are sick of it and 90% of the good players left already... You got 100 accounts that have 100 smurfs because they are trying to get some solid ELo for better games but they cant because of stacking idiots ruining games, admins just dont listen to their community (now their community are just admins and few suckups). If you can return old forums from previous domains of this bot, you would have millions and millions of reports on admins abusing their powers, but no one cares. Bot is dead few months already, few players that stayed are trying to play, just like me, but not for long, especially with new ELO and ban system thats being abused as we speak... i left this bot long time ago, came back now and i see its even worse than before. Its just sad.. And shame
  5. mnotabrdk

    batnut, the worst admin ever

    To OP, Dont even bother, they protect each other no matter what, hundreds of other players that complained throughout bot history are wrong, they 5 are right...

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