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  1. Introduction @Stacking-

    @kakapo Thank you for your message! It's amazing, this community comes from all around the world!
  2. Introduction @Stacking-

    Thank you for your answers everyone @AyyLmao No worries I haven't played in years
  3. Introduction @Stacking-

    @Storm- Thanks but I think it is also related to that camel video, you know some kind of jokes you make to the new comer @Drakonia[DRK] Now that I see your signature I assume you are in a deep, honest, serious and faithful relationship with this @Puzzles-. I am sorry if you thought I was somehow insulting your relationship with her, but from what @CryWolf said I thought @The-EGS-TV was also in that relationship. How could I know you weren't having a trio. What I propose you dude, is to have a new start I am sure we will get along in a near future! Edit : @bunek thanks a lot for your warm welcome! I see so you are some kind of avatar master, thanks a lot for the intention I am very happy to have one now
  4. Introduction @Stacking-

    @CryWolf Hum I'll assume it's some kind of "rookie" thing
  5. Introduction @Stacking-

    @Storm- Thank you for your message, it is really nice to see nice players! Regarding your beauty, sorry but I am not into boys Sincerely yours,
  6. Introduction @Stacking-

    Hello OHS community, I am a new member here and would like to present myself. I used to play dota a long time ago, but I forgot everything. Recently I decided that I'll play it a bit more so I tried to look at dota forums. That's how I ended up here on OHSystem! I really find the forum extremely well done but I also think that the community is one of the nicest. I am looking forward to meet everyone here! Best!

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