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  1. Why there is no more drama ?
  2. Battlenet Application

    Not interested but thanks for invitation
  3. Nah @Stacking is the real king of this place
  4. Gajtan leaves Buubs arrive. Coincidence ? I think not
  5. Can we stick to the topic guys please, it would be nice if you could show some maturity once in your existence kidos ... On this bot: Players I respect : Players I like: Players I admire: @Storm- Cunts: @CryWolf
  6. stolen account

    @The-EGS-TV dude playtime is over give it back !
  7. Game Ruining: Bambi and Popop

    @bunek @CryWolf I have played few games with bambi he always ended up ruining it and in most of the cases leaving it. He has been reported and banned twice for that reasons in one weekend. Maybe it is time to perma ban him no ?
  8. Game Ruining: Bambi and Popop

    So what about bambi ?
  9. An Offer More Than An Application

    This information totally changes the situation, I think we have no other choice but to give @CryWolf's place to @The-EGS-TV
  10. Current statspage development

    Why you're not demotivated with dota then ? Sorry I had to do it nothing personal
  11. Need unban

    Can we perma ban bambi though ? He ruins every game he joins and does it every day all day. If such players are not banned everyone would agree the elo system loses part of its legitimacy
  12. @Rik I am unfortunately one of the oldest player on this bot, this is a fact. On the other hand, when I said I am cool and that I do not like to flame it is sarcasm, I even posted you the wikipedia link to the definition of sarcasm on the other topic. Regarding your contribution to the team, you have your opinion and as far as I know I am free to have a different one. If you really did your best as you mentioned, then I apologized for overestimating you.
  13. Not quite, people are free to check the games and will decide who is not truth worthy between the two of us. By public shaming, I meant that after extending my ban after leaving (for a reason that has only be applied to me on this bot so far), you publicly announced it on chat box. What is it, if not public shaming ? I hope it boosted your ego at least. Regarding the game you mentioned where you muted me then I decided to leave. You have often muted me in games just for fun, and I never complained about it, you even joined the lobby muted me then left lobby letting me muted during the whole game; while I was playing with two friends in team. However, this case is completely different. Storm and Caphalor insulted me during the whole game, I won't comment their performance since they probably still think they did well and it is not the topic here. Everyone is free to check that game and see that I was the one who ignored them but of course I reacted at some moment. You also insulted me during that game for no reason, then suddenly muted me. Obviously you were smart enough to not extend my ban this time.
  14. Why you can't answer my initial question ? For your information, that game I left was after your decided to publicly shame me and make your own justice.
  15. Once again you come with unclear words. The two times you banned me two days was only for leaving; nor I flamed, nor I votekicked abused in those two games. You banned me two days for leaving because it was the only thing I could be banned for. So don't put other false reasons, just a reminder I never complained when I got banned for flame. It is only the second time I got banned for this reason, and the last time I got banned was when I reported myself the game. The only other person who reported me was Prosa and his report was obviously rejected.

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