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  1. BomBeRieR

    Ban req.

    https://ohstats.net/en/game/87763 onetwo Please ban him for some long time, he did hilarious game ruin -.- I know, he is already banned, but i think, he should be banned for some long. Reason: After, we try push, he wont to use ult. Always " use ult " after we all die and he go back. And then, in the end of his " kick " we try kick him, after first fail, he sold items, and buy " massive woods " for ruin. Please check this u little noob @CryWolf thank you in advnace. Best regards!
  2. BomBeRieR


    https://ohstats.net/en/game/80775 therealak47 - leave the game. Ban him for leave, thank you Good luck & have fun!
  3. BomBeRieR

    Introduce myself ( Teddy )

    Heyho, i did one time introduce but i have new one account and i will write something. So i´m Pato Doricka - 17 years old - from Bratislava. I´m professional hockey player ( HC Slovan Bratislava ) and soon maybe i will be in new FLORBAL club ( ŠK Lido ) I playing in Extra liga. ABOUT WC3 I´m dota player, so much knowledge. Know catch mher, ruinner, dodgers, VPN users. I used today too VPN on bot BK. I playing dota from mine 8-9 years. I play most " slark, meepo, sniper, sometimes lc" yes that gay heroes, playing sometimes too " little bastard techies " invoker and some good supporters Dota is easy game, i´m good carry @Drakonia[DRK] knows me as good carry but i´m great with " Necrolyte " too. Playing sometimes " juggernaut too " and always win I searching partner there on OHS, who will play with me. I´m friendly, always help to noobs. Feel to free contact me there or in games " DGPressBurgArmy " ABOUT ME: Well, i did something about me already, but lets write something more ^^ So, i have a lot of hobies. Florbal, hockey, table tennis. Why i have in name " DGPressBurgArmy? " because it means from " Hc Slovan fans " they have a great t-shirts etc and i love those fans I like to do programs with PC, because i´m in school where we do this, try use new systems of VPN and others. VPN is easy, some people says its hard but nope, it is easy. I did it in 2 minutes, for real I´m from Slovakia and was from Netherland. So if you will need any help from me, feel to free PM Me Many people tell me " Teddy " because i was spam master in BK bot of posts and the others. I hope i´ll help there. Thats all, and i hope, you will take me to your group and we will have fun together Wish you great day, and have a nice weekend. Sincerely, Teddy.

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