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  1. marcipan032

    BAN appeal

    I got disconected, please can i get un8anned? Regards: Meet_the_maker old M4rcusy)
  2. marcipan032

    Ban report

    I am gladdly with open heart and mind report player .apolon. for using map hack for sure, if you can check this games without doubt you will see abouse and game ruins by this player.... https://ohstats.net/en/game/97939 https://ohstats.net/en/game/97872 he always play slark... Regards M4rcusy)
  3. marcipan032

    BAN appeal

    I got dropped ,net crashed...plz can you unbann me i got ip bann...nick: meet_the_maker Regards M4rcusy)
  4. marcipan032

    !draw option

    My team draw becouse of leaver and after game in stats my team lost its not first time to happen. Something is wrong with draw sistem can you check it please? https://ohstats.net/en/game/83240 https://ohstats.net/en/game/82807 Regards :M4rcusy)
  5. marcipan032

    Report leavers

    Its not first time that players from scourge in that game dont want to draw when people leave game, its not fair to play 3v5 i get you kunkka- ,hope its bannable reason for not fer play ,greedy for elo etc Greetings from Serbia! Regards M4rcusy)
  6. marcipan032

    Changes to Elo rating

    so you want to say that in rikis nature (if you saw link i posted) is to win like 100% ,if he dont then 4x elo lost then my teammates...comon man...
  7. marcipan032

    Changes to Elo rating

    distribution of elo isnt fer here, if you want to stuck you can stuck with mates like always
  8. marcipan032

    Changes to Elo rating

    This elo change is not good at all, when you lose game elo change is not fair ( https://ohstats.net/en/game/73910 as you can see here for M4rusy) player )...so if someone lose he have to win like 5-6 games to have same score before lost game...Greeting and thanks for reading! Again me, i want to say new elo change would be great but it need to be fixed like: If player lose and he had good efford in game like 10-3-9 k-d-a he should lose less elo then others in his team...same situation is in winning team, carrie who won the most gold most creeps and most kills should have the most elo in his team. This does not work for now! Greetings!
  9. marcipan032

    Ohs bagg or something like that

    Nevermind ,i played vs mate so i wanted to capture that score...at last i can make a joke like my score was so op ,ohs server couldnt record that genocid
  10. After i ended the game i went to my ohs stats score to check elo change but there i couldnt find my game, i restarted page like 10 times, waited more then 5h nothing happend...so i went to profile of other player who were in same game (https://ohstats.net/en/game/174566) i was blue player, as you can see there is 0 elo change, i cant see my name, i was carrie playing riki...can you do about that? My game name: M4rcusy) Regards! Greetings from Serbia!
  11. marcipan032

    ban repeal

    Game ruinned, suicide etc...game name: 8lllD game: https://ohstats.net/en/game/174597
  12. marcipan032

    ban repeal

    My game name: M4rcusy) Cant find game, he feed on purpose just 8ecouse he wanted me to loose, 8ecouse i owned him game 8efore and next game he joined my team just to feed enemys so i can lose... Greetings from Ser8ia
  13. marcipan032

    ban repeal

    He feed on porpose on mid ,insolting me, he want me to lose. Please ban him

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