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  1. rapidsandu

    Troll is kick

    9 number there link look
  2. rapidsandu

    Troll is kick

    abuser vk leon_of_svk Troills lechiffre Chivato troll is acuser the game i can agree that lechiffre abused the vk command on several occasions and problemo were indeed mad pisses know . On the first vk started by lechiffre around the 17th minute, was abuse and you also !timestamped it. you voted !yes, clearly against a new player which in my Scourge repeatedly tried to VK brown when he was not violating rules. Not having a good game is no reason to kick a player. He was not intentionally feeding. In fact he was trying to help his team and was successful as the game was coming to an end. Also scourge players constantly flamed even after this fact was pointed out to them. https://ohstats.net/en/game/91779
  3. rapidsandu

    War3 error

    please got desync blizzard error ×

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