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  1. CryWolf

    Abuse Votekick, Flaming and Afk

    @kakapo @Potm4Win @bunek
  2. CryWolf

    Disconnected due to freeze

    Solved already.
  3. CryWolf


  4. CryWolf

    Virus- @useast

  5. CryWolf

    Autoban agaaain.

    Hello, i cant find any ban on Risseofstars you play with different account on battlenet?
  6. CryWolf

    Patch 1.29 Live

    uninstall Warcraft III Delete folders from program files and documents, clean recycle bin and download installers from battlenet and fallow the steps
  7. CryWolf

    Patch 1.29 Live

    As you might already saw when you tried to open your Warcraft III - battlenet - Patch 1.29 is live after 2 weeks delay Known bugs : 1. Wide Screen problems (no fixed aspect button) Your Game will look like this : 2 Neutrals no longer provide GOLD, only XP 3. Install problems : if the game dosent update when you lunch battlenet. simply go to : to Warcraft 3 folder and launched "Warcraft III Launcher.exe". If this still dosent work, fallow next steps 1) Deleting the Battle.net folder and reinstalling it. 2) Killing the Agent.exe proccess from task manager. 3) Running the game as admin. 4) Download and run the newest patch for your game, then see if the problem is resolved https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/7836 5)Try closing background applications to resolve any software conflicts. https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/23848 6) Try to connect to all four Battle.net Classic Realms (USEast, USWest, Europe, and Asia). If only one realm is inaccessible to you, it may just be a temporary connection problem or a temporary restriction. Battle.net Classic access may be temporarily restricted for one of the following reasons: Spamming text in the chat channel Rapidly connecting/disconnecting to Battle.net Classic Repeated attempts to use an invalid CD-Key Repeated use of an incorrect password may lock an account login for your protection Repeated use of third-party programs (hacks) including, but not limited to, sending bad packets, flooding the server(s), and the use of hack programs 7) Check your network configuration to find any issues with your firewall, router, or port settings. Also, mana bars are added ❤️ Finally ! If you still have any kind of problem, feel free to pm me or reply here, il try to help you all Cheers
  8. CryWolf

    game ruiner, item destroy-pyrolo12

    Extended Adamantius`s ban to 1 wee Is not first time when he is banned for having a full mouth
  9. Hi Riki First of all, the draw is a bug, stats will be recalculated as soon as Grief will finish Stats Page We are not responsible for accounts if they expire If some1 abandon his account for more then 3 months is his choice and someone else can take the desire name
  10. CryWolf

    Virus- @useast

    Change your name
  11. CryWolf

    unban plz

    Cant find any ban on that nickname Seems like it expired Have fun
  12. CryWolf

    Offensive language

    h00ligans banned 1 day for flame ty for report

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