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  1. CryWolf


    Happy birthday dude !!!
  2. CryWolf

    Ayylmao MH CONFIRMED

    AyyLMAO banned for mh Ty for report
  3. CryWolf

    BAN appeal

    Solved already
  4. CryWolf

    Graou flame in lobby

  5. CryWolf

    Mh detected

    No mh....
  6. CryWolf

    Hackers on ohs - obvious ones.

    No mh....
  7. CryWolf

    Random idiots on Bnet

  8. CryWolf

    Random idiots on Bnet

    NP, few days ago i was stacking with Grief and there was a trax with 2 aquila and boots in min 20
  9. CryWolf

    The worse player

    Huskar banned 5 days for flame and game ruin Sorry for late response
  10. CryWolf

    Canceling the tour

    Due the lack of ppl to participate, i decided to cancel the tournament Registration for tour was open for 1 and a half month and we didnt got enough teams Have a good day
  11. CryWolf

    Ban request

    Leavers are auto-banned and game was already over
  12. CryWolf

    ban request

    Cherry_Gripe banned 2 days ty for report
  13. CryWolf

    Ban Game ruiner

    banned 2 days
  14. CryWolf

    ban request Yaphets

    Banned already, ty for report

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