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  1. Tournament Bracket

    Wp Bracket updated For final, u have all next week to play dont forget is Bo3 GL HF
  2. want me to post our whatsapp conversation? i bet a lot of ppl will feel offended
  3. Battlenet Application

    So we might have a Warcraft III remastered SOON!
  4. what about me haters?
  5. Battlenet Application

    Hi guys, there are rumors around that Warcraft will be added on battlenet application I just made a Group there If you wanna join and chat with us there, feel free to send me a pm with your battle tag and il add you Cheers
  6. Crywolf abused staff power

    CryWolf banned `til he will join a game Ty for report
  7. Tournament Bracket

    Bracket updated
  8. rrazorr doing the same shit again

    razzorr banned 5 days for persistent game ruining/afk grief ty for report
  9. Tournament Bracket

    Next Round will be played this week GL HF
  10. @Graou @g.0.d Bambi OBIWANKENOBI @Potm4Win
  11. Tournament Bracket

    AyyLMAO vs Kunkka- = Win AyyLMAO https://ohstats.net/en/game/173162 GG WP Bracket Updated
  12. stolen account

    Hello @ddohor OHS is not responsible for any stolen accounts. There are various ways to lose an account - logging on a public pc / viruses / keyloggers etc In this certain situation ddohor account on battlenet was inactive for more then 3 months and it got erased ( battlenet legacy games policy - same in diablo 2/starcraft 1 and Warcraft III ) So this account was free to everyone Im sorry for your lost but is not our problem Have a good day
  13. An Offer More Than An Application

    as requested
  14. For PM flame and other kind of things use report button

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