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  1. Drakonia[DRK]

    Patch 1.29 Live

    How to fix the screen problem: Rightclick on your Warcraft 3 desktop icon ---> setting options (Eigenschaften in German) and then look at the field with the exe. and type there with a slash -nativefullscr type assume or okay and problem is solved. And you can set your screen option in Warcraft like this: 1024 x 576
  2. Jaaaaaaaaa meine süsse Faith in ihrer Schlafposition :))))

  3. Drakonia[DRK]

    Abuse Votekick

    Its a shame to see that no admin here give warning points for insult and bad behavior here in forum. Very bad example.
  4. Drakonia[DRK]

    New statspage

    Same problem here. But its true what you can read there about cry.
  5. Drakonia[DRK]

    New statspage

    When i click on the link its gives me an error. And please this music its horrible
  6. Drakonia[DRK]

    Crywolf abused staff power

    Mistakes can happen to everyone. But if you dont see your own mistakes or faults and cant say sorry and another have to say sorry to the innocent in the name of the mistaker then its a shame.
  7. Drakonia[DRK]

    Missing Hero Icons

    When the Login is aviable on stat page ?
  8. Drakonia[DRK]


    As i said perman ban this game ruiner. @GriefCode please take some action. he ruins every game. And it makes not fun.
  9. Drakonia[DRK]


    I vote fot it that you ger a PERMA BAN here! Prolly game ruiner!
  10. Drakonia[DRK]

    Moderator request in DotA

    I vote yes for teddy.
  11. @GriefCode can help me now with this problem, please?
  12. I have the same problem too?
  13. Drakonia[DRK]

    VK abuse, bad manners and offensive talk

    Sorry but this is not logical.... You cant ban both... The Kick was right. You can only ban one , for vk abuse or for game ruin but not for both. It cant be two rule abuses in the same time sorry.
  14. So schaut das Ganze bei mir aus. Leider verstehe ich nicht alles von dem was du geschrieben hast oben. Ich benutze google chrome da bei mir nur der browser funktioniert.

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