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  1. @GriefCode can help me now with this problem, please?
  2. I have the same problem too?
  3. VK abuse, bad manners and offensive talk

    Sorry but this is not logical.... You cant ban both... The Kick was right. You can only ban one , for vk abuse or for game ruin but not for both. It cant be two rule abuses in the same time sorry.
  4. So schaut das Ganze bei mir aus. Leider verstehe ich nicht alles von dem was du geschrieben hast oben. Ich benutze google chrome da bei mir nur der browser funktioniert.
  5. VK abuse, bad manners and offensive talk

    100 DOWNVOTES from me!
  6. VK abuse, bad manners and offensive talk

    Ich gibe mir eifach kei müä. Wen ich selber english redä i de sprach denn tönt das komplett andersch.
  7. VK abuse, bad manners and offensive talk

    @Rado So i told you in the game that you have to use the command -roll but you refused. The only words you said "i dont have to do nothing". You dont respect the OHS rules. And now more than one Admin tell you how the rules working here and you find allways in every word you give here a disagree to not respect the rules. And ofc you can ruin the game when you take runes from someone who have bottle and need it. This bottle with runes filled can help alot in a teamfight or lane fight. And a good player need mid lane alone. You can ruin a game totally if you are stay in mid with another player. We can be pleased that OMNI hold the lane on top easy alone and get fast exp. But a player like puzzles who can carry a game needs to be alone mid lane to get fast exp and fast lvl and fast items. And with your refuse to go other lane you toke a lot exp from puck away. So you need a lot to learn about dota and how you can help your team. But what you did it helped not. So and after this you get kicket out of the game. Sometimes you have to rethink your behavior and have a bit trust to your team mates.
  8. Bist du ned on in bnet?

  9. Noch 12 Stunden :) Wohooooooooo

  10. I wish everyone a wonderfull Christmas time. Enjoy it with your friends and family. Regards Drako
  11. Countdown: 1 Tag noch bis dahin *freu freu freu freu*

  12. Noch 3 Tage dann ist es soweit :) *FREU FREU FREU FREU*

    1. Puzzles-

      ja und du hast als schweites mein vanilletörtchen!

    2. Drakonia[DRK]

      Ja ich muss noch etwas warten bis nächstes jahr. oh mann wie das klingt, nächstes jahr, dabei ist es in zwei wochen. LOL

  13. Introduce my self

    Please take you a room...
  14. Soo mein Schatz wo bleiben meine täglichen Likes? xD


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