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  1. Vosje_RuLLeZ

    Lanaya Refraction skill bugged

    Lanaya's refraction skill is bugged. It doesn't give you the dmg bonus as it should. When you activate refraction it says you get +# dmg but when you attack it disappears so basically you don't get a dmg bonus. This makes lanaya useless af and a shitty hero plz volvo fix. The dmg ignoring does work properly.
  2. Vosje_RuLLeZ

    Ayylmao MH CONFIRMED

    that arrow was cool af, that zeus snipe on invis sf as well gj peachy
  3. yeh this guy is probably trolling anyway, just look at how he types lol. if you dont have over 80ms ping, which you dont even have to have even if you play in the emirates, then 70ms will surely not cause for lags.
  4. i think latency is on 100 now? That's way too much anyway, 50 may be too low for the shit pc peeps, but 70 should definitely be fine for everyone. Lets do it!
  5. Vosje_RuLLeZ

    Top 10 players you've ever met/seen on bnet

    yeeeh ill go for this: 1. Ichigo1337 2. me ;-) 3. peachtree 4. zer2 5. hated- 6. natsu 7. thelordgr 8. notbuubs 9. dimmu_borgir 10. killer_dota this is a list of peeps i know of and have played a reasonable amount of games with/against. I doubt this list is representative for the best peeps on bnet but hey I dont know any better
  6. Vosje_RuLLeZ

    Tournament Bracket

    nah man namespoofs are gay, im fine with this, thx!
  7. Vosje_RuLLeZ

    Tournament Bracket

    inb4 this was just all a setup and the tour was actually unofficial
  8. Vosje_RuLLeZ

    Tournament Bracket

    @crywolf !!
  9. Vosje_RuLLeZ

    Tournament Bracket

    Yeee guys where is my title
  10. Vosje_RuLLeZ

    Tournament Bracket

    if you will pay the ticket then, sure ill come
  11. Vosje_RuLLeZ

    Tournament Bracket

    yeeeeeeeeh finals have been played Vosje_RuLLeZ vs Peachtree - Vosje_RuLLeZ wins I forgot to save replays, so I made a video of the thing (cus i recorded it). https://plays.tv/video/5a95a655197e93e66b/1v1-sf-ohs-tour-final
  12. Vosje_RuLLeZ

    Tournament Bracket

    Yeeeeh Vosje_RuLLeZ vs M4ster - Vosje_RuLLeZ win We decided to use private bots for this stuff. In every game I played against him I won or would probably have won. Anyway the deciding game was this: if you're not convinced, I have recorded the thing. Dota 1v1 sf Vosje_RuLLeZ vs M4ster - 2-0.w3g
  13. Vosje_RuLLeZ

    Tournament Bracket

    @caphalor. I cant play thursday and not friday evening, imo best to do it tuesday or wednesday evening.
  14. Vosje_RuLLeZ

    Tournament Rules

    2 kills and 1 tower is good, you cannot come back if you're behind after that, unless you decide to throw. What saddens me is that neutral killing is not allowed
  15. Vosje_RuLLeZ

    Tournament Registration

    Battle.net name: Vosje_RuLLeZ Realm: Europe I wanna go against peachyboy Not sure if i can play tho, there has not been a time given yet. Best to do it on saturday evening imo.

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