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Found 3 results

  1. Did you somehow cause boo-boo(s) to happen? And that in turn gotten you banned? Do you wish to speak and plead to someone that cares but still getting ignored? Or maybe, are you still somehow unable to validate your account to appeal your ban? Do you wish to play some Dota but somehow or another wound yourself stuck reading this same drawn out Billy Mays dialogue?.. Will say no more.. From the genius that brought you " [[ !! READ BEFORE POSTING - OR BE IGNORED !! ]] How-To: Ban Reports " comes: " [[ !! READ BEFORE POSTING - OR BE IGNORED !! ]] How-To: Ban Appeals" HI BILLY MAYS HERE .. AGAIN! (YES I KNOW, I SHOULD BE DEAD, BUT HERE I AM DOING THIS OVERDONE SALES PITCH.. AGAIN!! OXYCLEAN IS A HELL'VA DRUG--BUT I DIGRESS) 1. Create a thread Title it your in-game-name followed by the "@" followed by the realm your ign is on followed by the date (mm/dd) you were banned (or saw the ban on) Ex. [email protected] - 10/09 2. Copy-and-Paste Your in-game-name"@"realm: Your ban date: Your cause of ban: Your plea: 3. Fill-in the blank Your in-game-name"@"realm: [email protected] Your ban date: 10/09 Your cause of ban: autoban Your plea: forgot to take out the pizza #ripperoni #10/09neverforget BY FOLLOWING THESE EASY STEPS, YOU TOO CAN BE BACK ON YOUR WAY PLAYING DOTA!! MAKE YOUR APPEAL NOW! Skip all this by connecting your account and using the ban appeal interface! Click here now!
  2. Smaranje


    Can you please unban daniell, my internet stop working, it was turnd off by operator. It was not my fault. Can anyone help me and unban me. I wuld like to play some games thank you
  3. lbcex

    UNBAN from autoban

    I got autobanned for DC, please unban. I never leave games. Thanks

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