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Found 11 results

  1. marcipan032

    ban repeal

    Game ruinned, suicide etc...game name: 8lllD game: https://ohstats.net/en/game/174597
  2. Not sure if there already is a thread about this but searching elo led to an error so here I am. The current elo calculation is imo not what it should be and I'm here to make some suggestions that will hopefully be met with mutual consent and help in improving it a little. Atm the "farm" hero will most likely get the highest elo of a team. This is due to the fact that creeps kills (woods & regular) give way too much elo compared to hero kills/assissts. -> this leads to players that did not contribute to the team`s success at all getting almost the same, often more elo as the player(s) who deserve it and therefore falsifying the overall elo score. So basically I'm suggesting giving lower elo per creep and add more to hero -kills & assissts. What I also thought of is that rule breaking (intentional feeding, item stealing, flaming, afking and such) should have a negative impact on that players elo (e.g. -20 elo for game ruin). > Maybe even show how many offences a player has made on her/his profile/stats page. The leaving offence should be dealt with separately imo, as it is often unintentional (dc, powerloss, blackout,...).
  3. omglioromg

    I think I got banned

    I got disconected for no reason (droped after 60 seconds without a reason since my connection is very good) and then I got the ban message: Sorry you are currently banned username : midplayeronly admin: bunek reason: plug I would like to be unbanned now please.
  4. I'd like to get some clarification on my rejected ban request. Link to the request: https://ohsystem.net/sharedStats/report/view/1130/ As I cannot understand why a clear rule violation (game ruin - item stealing) will not be punished at all but in fact is played down as me being "mad because hard game" (quote from God_hate_us_all) and "His act didnt have effect on ending of the game ,so stop spam here. Case closed". I'd really like a conformation on this mindset, which i will write down as simly as possible: The breaking of rules will not be punished if the admin/mod decides that the rule breaking did not affect the end of the game. If this is correct please let me know. If I'm wrong by trying to report people who break the rules, then please tell me so. My sincerest gratitude to each admin/mod who decides to enlighten me. Thank you. Tags so that this will hopefully be solved fast so I can follow the rules properly (sorry if this annoys anyone): @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
  5. Game-link: (-OHS- DotA apem #7) https://dota.vision/sharedStats/recentGames/?do=single&id=76204Offending player(s) lobby-number or color or ign: Color = teal - account = VenatorAnimarumTime occured: Minute 27 of the game, Time 06:40 real life timeAdditional information: He did it in respond to Axe having 0-16 feeder: color = orange - account = s1lence_ million pet buying.w3g
  6. Game: #94 (link is to be updated) Time Occured: Minutes 0, 20. real time 18:53 28/10/17 Offending player name: Mojita. Additional information: Dodging torrent and ship without sight, which make me suspect a map hacker. Also at minute 26 votekick abused.
  7. wert#4


    Hallo, wurde gebannt wegen Game ruiner. Habe nichts falsch gemacht, bin leider ein nicht sehr guter Spieler weil ich Jahre nicht gespielt habe, weshalb ich öfter mal angemacht werde. Trotzdem mache ich nichts mit Absicht und bemühe mich. Kann man mich entbannen? MfG
  8. omglioromg

    Dota Server Self Banned

    Ok. I did not want to make a big deal out of this. But now I think that I need to make some record about what happened yesterday. Yesterday I shared a pet inside a game, with a person who played axe, during the game he selected my hero which caused my death (weather he moved me or not, it freaked me out) so I unshared that person. In return he told me "I am an admin and after the game you will have a suprise". Ever since that game, after I join a game, someone is shutting down the server itself - which make a uniqe error message and crash. Further than that, after I join a game he is manually shut down all dota games on the server. Your website is supported by patreons, this is not ok that you are shutting down your server for hours just for something pathatic as someone unsharing a pet. Please check who is the admin who abuse his control on the server and remove his ability to do so. Thanks, Lior.
  9. Torsk

    Please review

    Hey, I was banned by apo for maphack. This is the initial report; https://dota.vision/sharedStats/report/view/688/ I am not sure what has happened. I was basically punished for using the item observer wards. Me and my teammates warded enemy woods and cliffs. We had total mapcontrol, and were compeltely dominating the game. I am sure if someone else in the adminteam could check the replay, you would see that I am not a cheater. Nor is the accused Ogre Magi for that matter Thanks for you time, Torsk
  10. Rhonindexx00

    Player (0V0)

    During game -OHS- DotA apem #63 (0V0) played invoker and went 2/5 and because we wouldn't forfeit he went to base to destroy items and buy pots so that when we Votekicked him, there would be no leaver gold.

    Get rid of idiots

    Hello community! So I just got enough of these things going around OHS. In every second game there are minimum 2 or more leavers or gameruiners. I just dont remember one single game that went 5v5 until the end without anyone trying to ruin the game. The last game I played i had a teammate (zeus) who wanted to FF after the first few minutes even though the blind could see that we have better chances to win the game. Then one of our teammates got dropped out due lagg and there started the thing which I call gameruin. Zeus just started running to the face of the enemy without attacking or anything, bringing the disconnected hero with himself (pure feeding). We could not kick that, becouse the enemy team did not write it. So we just lost cuz of this. (-20 elo thanks). The game before this one was simple, the enemy team left one by one in 15 minutes after start. None of them stood in game. I mostly play with my friend and we just cant believe that every game goes by that, someone leaves or feeds on purpose. Yesterday we had an obvious win game, but then 3 of the enemy players left the game and they could easily win (axe, ogre, brutal early heroes) with all those leavergold and xp. (again -20 elo) And I could write a book about all these things happening in every f**king game. I would like to recommend some changes around here. 1, you should ban much more seriously around here, firstly 1 day then 1 week then 1 month, then perma, or something like that, becouse all these leavers around here ruining the games. 2, you should change this votekick system since, I dont really feel like its working. why does the enemy team have opportunity to change the outcome of our teammates votekick? mostly they dont kick feeders becouse they like how they get fed and win the game. make the votekick system to something like you can only vote for your teammates kick and 4 !yes is enough. 3, i love how you included elo-system, but you should do something about high elo players getting too little elo while they can possibly loose up to 20-30. its just annoying and not worth the time to play for 2-3 elo every game win 10 in a raw and loose one becouse of these leavers and gameruiners around and you are just there where you started. Thanks for your attention, I_GO_ONLY_WOODS

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