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Found 4 results

  1. https://ohstats.net/en/game/173307 Player rrazorr at it again, I didn't check if he sold items or destroyed them, but he started to grief at fountain. His teammates kicked him eventually. Can he get a prolonged ban for doing the same stuff over and over Referring this this post, not the first time he is reported for stuff like this.
  2. https://ohstats.net/en/game/172397 Dang, what a game. Got stuck with a useless void ally who were unable to land one single decent chrono all game. Player rrazorr flaming allies throughout the game, several abusive votekick attempts, and impersonated staff members. Based on the chatlog alone he should get atleast 3 days for this kind of toxic behaviour. 48:22 RRazoRR: my mate 48:23 RRazoRR: will ban him So he basically semi-impersonated staff and even whispered me that he would make sure his "friend admin" would ban me for being "noob". Yeah, legit. 45:44 RRazoRR: !votekick gjedd 45:50 RRazoRR: usless trash 46:32 RRazoRR: fucking retard 46:34 RRazoRR: you game ruin 48:44 RRazoRR: worst fucking player I've ever seen 50:38 Newskillz: !votekick gjedde 50:46 RRazoRR: !yes 52:23 RRazoRR: such an idiot 59:01 RRazoRR: ohs full of tards 63:36 RRazoRR: Wyvern pure trash
  3. The banreport section is currently down, so I'll post it here on the forums. Player 0_0 aka omglioromg flamed, abused vk all game. So did tiny and nortrom. Also, cm griefed, and there were some heavy vk abuse on scourge side aswell Link to game; https://stats.dota.vision/game/56871
  4. Rhonindexx00

    Player (0V0)

    During game -OHS- DotA apem #63 (0V0) played invoker and went 2/5 and because we wouldn't forfeit he went to base to destroy items and buy pots so that when we Votekicked him, there would be no leaver gold.

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