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Found 4 results

  1. Are you frustrated because someone in your previous game shat over your parade? You tried everything and still can't work the ban request interface? Still posting in this sub-forum yet not getting the attention you so desperately need? Did God give you lemons and you screamed to the heavens: "GO FUCK THE LEMONADE" ? HI BILLY MAYS HERE TO BLOW YOUR MIND Simply follow this 1-2-3, step-by-step, down-to-earth, oh-my-god, even-a-toddler-can-do-it tutorial! 1. CREATE a thread with __ as the title. Put the type of offense followed by the offending player(s) name. ==== EXAMPLE ==== Game Ruiner - imdrunkwhatisthis, strangerd4ngRr Vote-kick Abuse - fji398 IP-Dodger - danger5am ==== END OF EXAMPLE ==== 2. COPY-AND-PASTE the following into the body. ==== START ==== Game-link: Offending player(s) lobby-number or color or ign: Time occured: Details(optional): ==== STOP ==== 3. FILL-IN the blanks. - Find your recent game-link here,https://stats.dota.vision/games, and copy and paste the link of your game. - 1: blue, 2: teal, 3: purple, 4: yellow, 5: orange, 6: pink, 7: grey, 8: dark green, 9: light blue, 10: brown === EXAMPLE ==== Game-link: https://dota.vision/sharedStats/recentGames/?do=single&id=231 Offending player(s) lobby-number/color/ign: 6 Time occured: entire game Details(optional): goddamnit, you can't be a snow and still have a surname ==== END OF EXAMPLE ==== Simply follow the above steps and you won't be ignored!-- it's that simple! Skip all this by using the ban report interface! Click here now!
  2. As all of you should be aware, there currently is now 2 folders which contains WC3 files and related materials. Your main, wherever you installed it to, and your secondary, which will always be located in your Documents. Here are steps to be able to properly watch replays again.. First delete any and all WC3 folders in your documents, fire up your Main WC3, and play a random game online or offline (doesn't matter) after the game ends note you'll find that your computer will have generated a Document's WC3 folder. From now on this folder will be your Document's WC3 folder. Should you open your Document's WC3 folder, you should notice that there will be upto 5 folders, those being: Errors, Log, Replays, Screenshots, and Maps. (Errors and Log will only be generated should something unexpected occurs, ie your WC3 crashes, patch updates, etc. Screenshots will only be generated should you use your PrtSc button.) These 5 folders within the Document's WC3 folder are where your WC3 saves and stores its data at. That being said, it would be in your best interest to make 5 seperate shortcut folders for each respective folder and place those into your Main WC3 folder. Here comes the tricky part.. EXCEPT FOR THE MAPS FOLDER, delete the respective original folders from your Main WC3 folder so you don't confuse yourself when you wish to access your data. !! This step is very important !! Copy and paste the entirety of your your Main WC3 Map's Download folder into your Document's WC3 Maps folder, that's: \Documents\Warcraft III\Maps, not: Documents\Warcraft III\Maps\Download !! If you have followed along so far, congratulations! You should now be able to review all replays. Note: at this point, I would suggest you hide the Document's WC3 folder so you don't mistaken it for your Main WC3 folder and there shouldn't be an issue with doing so as you've made the shortcuts which will access your Document's WC3 folder and placed them in your Main WC3 folder.
  3. Did you somehow cause boo-boo(s) to happen? And that in turn gotten you banned? Do you wish to speak and plead to someone that cares but still getting ignored? Or maybe, are you still somehow unable to validate your account to appeal your ban? Do you wish to play some Dota but somehow or another wound yourself stuck reading this same drawn out Billy Mays dialogue?.. Will say no more.. From the genius that brought you " [[ !! READ BEFORE POSTING - OR BE IGNORED !! ]] How-To: Ban Reports " comes: " [[ !! READ BEFORE POSTING - OR BE IGNORED !! ]] How-To: Ban Appeals" HI BILLY MAYS HERE .. AGAIN! (YES I KNOW, I SHOULD BE DEAD, BUT HERE I AM DOING THIS OVERDONE SALES PITCH.. AGAIN!! OXYCLEAN IS A HELL'VA DRUG--BUT I DIGRESS) 1. Create a thread Title it your in-game-name followed by the "@" followed by the realm your ign is on followed by the date (mm/dd) you were banned (or saw the ban on) Ex. [email protected] - 10/09 2. Copy-and-Paste Your in-game-name"@"realm: Your ban date: Your cause of ban: Your plea: 3. Fill-in the blank Your in-game-name"@"realm: [email protected] Your ban date: 10/09 Your cause of ban: autoban Your plea: forgot to take out the pizza #ripperoni #10/09neverforget BY FOLLOWING THESE EASY STEPS, YOU TOO CAN BE BACK ON YOUR WAY PLAYING DOTA!! MAKE YOUR APPEAL NOW! Skip all this by connecting your account and using the ban appeal interface! Click here now!
  4. - What are Custom Hotkeys? - There are over 50 Hotkeys spread across the keyboard in WC3, and with the Default Hotkeys Setup each race is different. The main ones are the Spell & Action Commands in the bottom corner like: A for Attack, B for Build, F for farm, P for Peon, M for Move, and many more for each unit and spell. Other Hotkeys include Unit # Grouping Modifiers (Ctrl, shift, tab, etc), and the Inventory Items (on the Numpad). The more you move the mouse to click those Command icons, the less your focusing on your Unit Micro. This guide will help improve increase your APM (Actions Per Minute) accuracy and efficiency with Customkeys.txt and AHK. This is NOT considered cheating or hacking. Example image of Custom hotkeys ----> http://imgur.com/ahwjW8T <---- - Alternate Spell & Action Commands - In the example image above, you can see how Improved Hotkeys differ from other common setups. Most people know the Grid Align Setup but, I do not like those because it sets the spells to ZXCV. I fixed it around so the spells are now QWER, Attack/Stop/Hide remain A/S/D and move is Z (for Zurround!) it's the same for every race, hero and units, great for playing random! This way is more like LoL or HotS with unit spells closer to the # keys, and it works well with inventory item switcher too You can get these Customkeys.txt here from the Download button on Pastebin between raw and embed, right-click choose Save As make sure to place it in your Documents\Warcraft III\CustomKeyBindings\ folder&nbsp; -OR- &nbsp;C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\ &nbsp;depending on your version, and in the WC3 game Options menu click Enable Custom Keyboard Shortcuts English QWEASZ: https://pastebin.com/Tb26sPXQ German QWEASY: https://pastebin.com/PQz9zQ7v French AZEQSW: https://pastebin.com/EYRT4isr I can add a dvorak keyboard though not sure about other languages, any requests? Compatibility with Custom Games might not be 100% but DotA should be fine - Inventory Items & Other Hotkeys - Since WC3 is a bit older, some of the Hotkeys were ignored and left out from Customkeys.txt so you have to use something like AutoHotkey for Inventory Items, it's the same as Warkey but lets you swap ANY key, swap inventory hotkeys so T = TownPortal G = Potion etc, also disables WinKey or Alt+QQ from closing game, and NumLock pauses the Script on/off for chat. Read instructions carefully: First install AHK from Autohotkey.com its quick and easy. Copy my TXT script over to a new AHK file, or download and rename to .AHK instead of .TXT then place it in your WC3 folder and create shortcut on desktop, right-click on shortcut properties to Run as Admin. You should probably get Customkeys.txt first. Inventory item keys.AHK script for TYGHBN: https://pastebin.com/r6qgGUPs Or alternative Inventory set to Alt+QWEASD: https://pastebin.com/PzYXuUDr Another to Pause with F5 instead of Numlock: https://pastebin.com/6idHtU5K Or use Spacebar or Shift instead of Alt (just edit lines near bottom of script) AHK can do a lot of cool things like swap mouse buttons too, helps if you have a multi-button mouse. My favorite is swap Ctrl with the Spacebar, I left this as optional incase some people didn't want it, but you just have to go to the bottom of the AHK script and edit the following lines Xbutton2::Numpad7 <--(extra mouse button) MButton::Tab <--(middle mouse button) Space::Ctrl (just read the last few lines of the script) Theres even some "QuickChat" msgs if you press the Numpad #s in game - Tips on Unit Group Formations - Positioning techniques are vital to winning battles. Microing in small narrow areas is not easy, if Ranged units are infront or blocking Melee units, you could lose to a weaker army. Auto-Formation (Alt+F) can be switched Off/On. Most players keep Formation Off so units move faster across the map. If you have Formation On you will not be able to retreat as quickly, but Formation is helpful at certain points of attack. It's better to attack creeps from a distance, pull them back to reduce HP loss and prevent creepjacks. You must manually set your Group #keys using Ctrl. Always add units and buildings to a # when constructing. You can use the building #s to train units while attacking or creeping, without moving the screen back to your base. Every player Groups their units differently. Some people use the F1-F3 keys to select their heros, other players set their heros to a #. Here are some common methods for # Groups: = Melee = Range/Air = Caster/siege = Workers(militia/burrow,etc) = Tier1buildings = Tier2/3 bldg and 0 = Altar Backspace = Town hall (s) Thats just a general idea, use what you feel comfortable with. With over 12 in one group, combine some or change it up depending on strat and army size. Try different variations, but never mix melee with siege. You can also use 4 as air and 5 as siege, but thats a lot of keys and you probably don't need that many groups. - Extras - To complete the set, a list of all other hotkeys http://wc3azeroth.boards.net/thread/212 Heres a detailed guide on the basics for beginners https://youtube.com/watch?v=VnFIaYGimoY And for fun, the history of WarCraft https://youtube.com/watch?v=RCByQKn1Zjo If you have any questions please contact me on Reddit and I'll try to help, I know some people don't like switching hotkeys but, just give it a few days of practice to sink in I hope these help glhf Alternate Download Mirror (incase other links dont work) https://mediafire.com/file/e6mwph182gl1ij7

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