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  1. As all of you should be aware, there currently is now 2 folders which contains WC3 files and related materials. Your main, wherever you installed it to, and your secondary, which will always be located in your Documents. Here are steps to be able to properly watch replays again.. First delete any and all WC3 folders in your documents, fire up your Main WC3, and play a random game online or offline (doesn't matter) after the game ends note you'll find that your computer will have generated a Document's WC3 folder. From now on this folder will be your Document's WC3 folder. Should you open your Document's WC3 folder, you should notice that there will be upto 5 folders, those being: Errors, Log, Replays, Screenshots, and Maps. (Errors and Log will only be generated should something unexpected occurs, ie your WC3 crashes, patch updates, etc. Screenshots will only be generated should you use your PrtSc button.) These 5 folders within the Document's WC3 folder are where your WC3 saves and stores its data at. That being said, it would be in your best interest to make 5 seperate shortcut folders for each respective folder and place those into your Main WC3 folder. Here comes the tricky part.. EXCEPT FOR THE MAPS FOLDER, delete the respective original folders from your Main WC3 folder so you don't confuse yourself when you wish to access your data. !! This step is very important !! Copy and paste the entirety of your your Main WC3 Map's Download folder into your Document's WC3 Maps folder, that's: \Documents\Warcraft III\Maps, not: Documents\Warcraft III\Maps\Download !! If you have followed along so far, congratulations! You should now be able to review all replays. Note: at this point, I would suggest you hide the Document's WC3 folder so you don't mistaken it for your Main WC3 folder and there shouldn't be an issue with doing so as you've made the shortcuts which will access your Document's WC3 folder and placed them in your Main WC3 folder.

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