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Found 2 results

  1. !draw == loss

    I would really like it if draws were counted as draws and not as losses. If a game draws, you will get a loss in your stats and draws stays at 0. This draw/loss will also negatively impact your overall stats (for those who care) i.e. your kills/deaths/assists per game will suffer if for example a game is auto-drawn at the beginning due to 2 people leaving the game. Tl;dr: Make draws count as draws and draws only and do not record the k/d/a of that game to your stats < would be my suggestion this would make the stats of each player more accurate as more draws currently mean more losses & "false stats" as always, just an idea cheers.
  2. Not sure if there already is a thread about this but searching elo led to an error so here I am. The current elo calculation is imo not what it should be and I'm here to make some suggestions that will hopefully be met with mutual consent and help in improving it a little. Atm the "farm" hero will most likely get the highest elo of a team. This is due to the fact that creeps kills (woods & regular) give way too much elo compared to hero kills/assissts. -> this leads to players that did not contribute to the team`s success at all getting almost the same, often more elo as the player(s) who deserve it and therefore falsifying the overall elo score. So basically I'm suggesting giving lower elo per creep and add more to hero -kills & assissts. What I also thought of is that rule breaking (intentional feeding, item stealing, flaming, afking and such) should have a negative impact on that players elo (e.g. -20 elo for game ruin). > Maybe even show how many offences a player has made on her/his profile/stats page. The leaving offence should be dealt with separately imo, as it is often unintentional (dc, powerloss, blackout,...).

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