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Guest Storm-

The state of OHS

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Mirana!, proofs were everywhere, ppl complain about admins pretty often, if all old forums were active, you would see how many topics were opened about certain admins that still reside here and still abuse their powers.

About stacking, You're talking nonsense. Admins NEVER balance and they certainly will never admit they are abusing powers from time to time, not to mention how ppl when they see admin instantly join his team and no one wants to switch. Arent you a little surprised that every game was 5/25 elo game even long before this new ELO bug? I never had a balanced solid game on this bot in months but i got used to that and now i dont care in which team i play since this bot will never do anything about it anyway. I just make myself a sandwich, and have fun watching noobs argue and flame over 0/30 elo game :D

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