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Introduce myself ( Teddy )

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Heyho, i did one time introduce but i have new one account and i will write something.

So i´m Pato Doricka - 17 years old - from Bratislava.

I´m professional hockey player ( HC Slovan Bratislava ) and soon maybe i will be in new FLORBAL club ( ŠK Lido ) I playing in Extra liga.


I´m dota player, so much knowledge. Know catch mher, ruinner, dodgers, VPN users. I used today too VPN on bot BK.

I playing dota from mine 8-9 years. I play most " slark, meepo, sniper, sometimes lc" yes that gay heroes, playing sometimes too " little bastard techies " invoker and some good supporters :)

Dota is easy game, i´m good carry @Drakonia[DRK] knows me as good carry but i´m great with " Necrolyte " too.

Playing sometimes " juggernaut too " and always win :P


I searching partner there on OHS, who will play with me. I´m friendly, always help to noobs. Feel to free contact me there or in games " DGPressBurgArmy "



Well, i did something about me already, but lets write something more ^^

So, i have a lot of hobies. Florbal, hockey, table tennis.

Why i have in name " DGPressBurgArmy? " because it means from " Hc Slovan fans " they have a great t-shirts etc and i love those fans :)

I like to do programs with PC, because i´m in school where we do this, try use new systems of VPN and others. VPN is easy, some people says its hard but nope, it is easy. I did it in 2 minutes, for real :D I´m from Slovakia and was from Netherland. So if you will need any help from me, feel to free PM Me :)

Many people tell me " Teddy " because i was spam master in BK bot of posts and the others. I hope i´ll help there.

Thats all, and i hope, you will take me to your group and we will have fun together :)


Wish you great day, and have a nice weekend.

Sincerely, Teddy. :) 

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Welcome to OHS @BomBeRieR!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask / to send pm's. 

To play dota with your fav. heroes must be extremely boring. You should try heroes like Tinker / Puck / Lion etc. See ya soon on battlenet. ;)



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Guest Drakonia[DRK]

-------> this was your first introduce my self here on ohs :D 

2cond time welcome back


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usually i hate such introduction posts as they drive me nuts and make me want to hit the wall. anyway, yours is in such broken english and loaded with facts that dont matter to me, that i nearly find it sweet - no homo!


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Welcome to OHS Teddy, I hope you'll have a fun time here.

I'm certain that I ran into you once or twice on BK but just in case I'm mistaken:

"Gajtan is my name, Maphacking is my game!"


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