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Disconnnection, ERROR CONNECTION RESET, Desync Problems

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Guest The-EGS-TV

What is Desync?
Many people refer to them as "server splits" on B.Net, because they think that the server kicked them off, or they had a connection issue with it. In essence, your game"splits off" from the others. You're following an alternate timeline.
You're still playing the game, but nobody else is there. Nobody is chatting back, their units are only still moving if they were following previously-issues orders... Everyone just dropped out. That's desync.

When there's an error; an inconsistency. Sometimes it's just an error with the map. A mapmaker might have made some particularly bad coding, or they just used so much leaky GUI (enough to make initialD's
head completely pop off!) that WC3 couldn't take it. Or, it can be something else. Third-party programs can contribute to the problem.

How to solve?
Delete any third party program that might be conflicting with the map/warcraft 3 software, especially if you have mods for earlier wc3 patches. It would solve the problems ...

How do players get high ping?
Usually, high pings are caused by downloads, uploads while playing wc3, or even before you start to play. After making downloads, packet loss through your router wil start, causing high ping. If for example you have 189 ms, it means that you have a 0.189 secs delay, which sometimes lead you to a connection error, (desync) as well, or, lag out.

To avoid it, you need to turn off your router for 1 min after you make the downloads, restart the computer, then go to wc3 again. And, you may follow the guide below, as you can do that each month, for refreshing and repairing dns cache and packet loss.

On your windows search search for the applet cmd, the icon looks like a black window. Right click on it, and run as administrator.

In that window, type the following in the same order:

Ipconfig /flushdns
Ipconfig /release
Ipconfig /renew

Restart your computer after you done these steps, then try again.

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