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Better Authorization & Login Management

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Hey community,

I have once again adjusted our login session management.
We now have a real slave application of the forum, which was wrongfully configured previously, I have noted it today when observing some of the logs.
I also fixed various stuff around it and added better capsulation for the code itself.

Things you may note:

  • Logging into the forum does now also login you to the statspage
  • Logging out of the forum does the same
  • Using the login form on the statspage does not log you in on the forum


What does it look on the paper:

Login process from forum:



For the statspage login we have another process, a bit more complicated:


There some more calls between the forum and statspage when creating a user, but I think it is not required, as the foundamental base is only shown in the diagrams.

I think it is always interesting to grant a small inisght on stuff I do :P Please let me know if you like it or not, then I won't do that anymore :D 


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