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Courier De-mining

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Suggestion to make courier de-mining a bannable offense with a similar penalty to VKA or Game-ruining,

since couriers are supposed to invulnerable next to the well, not the entire map, some members have suggested to just

kill the courier but that poses the question of how your supposed to be anywhere on the map in a moments notice.

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Basically by using the Courier to de-mine, you risk losing gold and the Courier itself. Fair risk for reward. Try placing mines in different places rather than always in the usual spots. Hell, you could even bait out a free Courier kill if you do it correctly.



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Hi @Delete

Since our update allows chicken to destroy mines, I think we should let it like it is. There are positive and negative points about this.

- It probably annoys you when you spend time & mana for mines and a chick destroys them all.

- That means you should get some nice spots to place mines and surprise them even when they move the chicken around.

- Some people lose time by moving the chicken around, bcs they don't 'bind' it & if they don't find the mines, means they lost time and also possible gold/experience from creeps. Some also die, because they are not watching anymore for their hero..

- By moving the chick around the map, the opposite team risks to lose it. That will lead to extra-gold for your team + they don't have transport around the map --> They lose time to get items by going back to fountain.

- A chick can't destroy barrels. So lvl-up and surprise them with some BOOOMS!

So I think we should not ban players for destroying mines with a chicken. 



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