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Huskar afk griefing and destroying item

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-OHS- Dota Apem #73

minutes 9 he alrdy cry and ff the game

09:00 alT: ok afk me
09:01 alT: !ff
09:02 alT: bye
minutes 18 he start to afk griefing then destroying all his item
and our axe ruin this game to by not kicking him
and keep talk nonsense and insult ....
i know i need to attach files , but i dont know why the website wont let me download it
please do something to this huskie and axe



that site wont let me download wc3 files

(You don't have permission to access /92145.w3g on this server. )

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Yep, the axe was really bad. Seemed like the only one trying to do anything, i think we should make that a bannable offense by 1year. Someone should start a poll on it ASAP.

 We need justice for yet another game ruined.

    EDIT: Sorry didn't realise you were a girl, ill watch my mouth next match. Apologies

Edited by Delete

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Grab your pitchforks lads, TingTongBell said he would delete his account if i wasn't banned and he is too important of a player and a valued member of this community . Make it 1000 life sentences for Delete...

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