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Ban Report

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I didnt feed on purpose, slark have farmed me for some time but i did warded and dewarded well. Got kicked by team for no special reason. 

Requesting ban for all 4.
My name was NerZo

Vk abuse started by: gwynbleidd

Game: [#166795] -OHS- DotA apem #93

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@Potm4Win should i cr8 a ban appeal , or can i talk here? 

first reason : he was 2-10, the votekick can be used if a player is feeding too ( or the rules are changed?)

second reason: as  u can read from the chat of the game , he says :'' eh, i pay no attenction to the game , when slark hit me i dont see him''  , well , let playing a player who dont pay attenction to the game is not the best , moreover, slark took all the kills from him , getting feeded and imba , but nvm.

3rd: as i said in the 2nd , we lost for his feed , and after saying many times : '' stay with us , or buy a tp , so u can escape from slark'' he still didnt listen us , feeding him .

what we should do? ban for what? for kick a feeder? oh hell good job  , just let's give the ban random , and let many times play the really abusers.

or better , cr8 a fucking game without noobs , so maybe the vk dont need

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since when we kick ppl cause of his k/d ? even when hes 0/10 aslong hes not doing it on purpose to destroy the game ur not allowed to use the !votekick. days back we used to have a msg that came up when some1 was feeding to hard but we have not had it for a while. 

we all have games with ppl who doesnt listen at all but thats dota :D what should u do ? idk xD when i have ppl in my team who doesnt listen i see it as a challenge and win or lose together with them but i do not try to kick them ....  

for me its clear votekick abuse, maybe @kakapo or  @CryWolf  see it differently.

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potm srsly, every game people are kicked for the K/D , the player Skiman what should say? every game people kick him for his bad K/D , but i dont see so much ban for vk.

i respect that potm , but he's your opinion to take it as a challenge, some people think like you , some people , like me, (and not every time ) prefer kick players who doesn't care about team play and attention on the game , it's a form of respect no? why should i let play someone who die many many many many times ruining the game of the other 4 players?

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He did not feed on purpose, therefore it is votekick abuse. We don't ban for excessive, but only intentional feeding as per;


He helped the team push, and assist during teamfights.  Slark took advantage of a weaker player and got some kills.

You mock or discuss his item choice in Italian and Veno threatened him with a kick. You ask him to carry a tp scroll (which he does), but he dies too fast to Slark anyway. Then you throw in this pearl of wisdom;

29:35 Gwynbleidd: stop feed
29:36 Gwynbleidd: or kick
29:40 Gwynbleidd: 2-9

How do you think someone is gonna react to that? I understand you might be frustrated, but it is not a reason to point a loaded gun. Your mate Rigor wasn't too far off those stats either. You are not obliged to help other players with items, skills, gameplay etc, but if you try to be more positive you might have more success.




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      The banreport section is currently down, so I'll post it here on the forums.
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