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rrazorr abuser and flamer

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Dang, what a game. Got stuck with a useless void ally who were unable to land one single decent chrono all game.

Player rrazorr flaming allies throughout the game, several  abusive votekick attempts, and impersonated staff members. Based on the chatlog alone he should get atleast 3 days for this kind of toxic behaviour. 

48:22 RRazoRR: my mate
48:23 RRazoRR: will ban him

So he basically semi-impersonated staff and even whispered me that he would make sure his "friend admin" would ban me for being "noob". Yeah, legit. 

45:44 RRazoRR: !votekick gjedd

45:50 RRazoRR: usless trash

46:32 RRazoRR: fucking retard

46:34 RRazoRR: you game ruin
48:44 RRazoRR: worst fucking player I've ever seen
50:38 Newskillz: !votekick gjedde
50:46 RRazoRR: !yes
52:23 RRazoRR: such an idiot
59:01 RRazoRR: ohs full of tards
63:36 RRazoRR: Wyvern pure trash
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    • By Torsk
      Player rrazorr at it again, I didn't check if he sold items or destroyed them, but he started to grief at fountain. His teammates kicked him eventually.  Can he get a prolonged ban for doing the same stuff over and over
      Referring this this post, not the first time he is reported for stuff like this.
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      Sentinel players abusing vk towards legion. Legion was not intentionally feeding, he got ganked in their wood and shut down hard
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      Sentinel side abusing vk towards sniper. Twice, on the second it passed.
    • By FatmanKROUM
      I'd like to get some clarification on my rejected ban request.
      Link to the request:
      As I cannot understand why a clear rule violation (game ruin - item stealing) will not be punished at all but in fact is played down as me being "mad because hard game" (quote from God_hate_us_all) and "His act didnt have effect on ending of the game ,so stop spam here. Case closed".
      I'd really like a conformation on this mindset, which i will write down as simly as possible:
      The breaking of rules will not be punished if the admin/mod decides that the rule breaking did not affect the end of the game.
      If this is correct please let me know.
      If I'm wrong by trying to report people who break the rules, then please tell me so.
      My sincerest gratitude to each admin/mod who decides to enlighten me.
      Thank you.
      Tags so that this will hopefully be solved fast so I can follow the rules properly (sorry if this annoys anyone): @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
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      Player name: Sebax 
      Game: -OHS- DotA apem #68   ( https://dota.vision/sharedStats/recentGames/  is not working right now so I didn't provide the link )
      Time: minutes 17 and 20 of the game , real life time 07:31  11/11/2017
      Information: Glitch abuse to make 2 huge pets that make hero dies because they are being hidden behind pets models.
      * Extra: Attached replay file.
      glitch abusing into creating huge pet m.w3g
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