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Votekick abuse

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Ahoy :)


really, sad to see this 5000 elo player need money for win. 

degenerator.hu - they kicked him " without reason "

Well, player " -kk-, tynix, deadboss, themaltakett "

Please, really they deserved to be banned. Without reason they kicked that " PL ". 

For money, and need obviously win.

Thank you, and wish you a great day :)

With kind regards, Teddy.

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6 minutes ago, CryWolf said:
13:10 ThermaltakeTT: !votekick dege


He was lvl 4 in 13 min of game, seems like it was a valid kick


Not care about this, he try farm in woods, and try gang one time on me.

He has no chance for farm, we have a good teamplay..

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