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    • By chaosminion
      Game https://ohstats.net/en/game/169408
      02:28 cwinghome: fuck your whole family 03:34 easyai: enjoy ban 03:37 AOCheroASUSrog: !ignore eas 03:41 Bot: [Calm] has refilled [cwinghome]'s cookie jar. [cwinghome] now has three cookies (try !eat)! 03:41 cwinghome: enjoy your mom's pussy 03:42 easyai: !ignore cw 03:45 flur: !ignore eas 03:53 Bot: Use !ignore <playername> to ignore players (for example, if they are flaming); partial names work. Don't flame back! 03:53 cwinghome: enjoy your pussy   Around 30 minutes void picks up my divine which adds no damage ot him, but he keeps it 28:55 flur: 28:55 IllIIIllIIlIlII: HAHAHA 29:33 AOCheroASUSrog: LOL VOID 29:35 AOCheroASUSrog: nice ult 30:43 easyai: ha ha 30:51 kriszton1993: cf 30:52 kriszton1993: 30:56 kriszton1993: noob 31:27 AOCheroASUSrog: u horrible jug 32:13 AOCheroASUSrog: ty foir divbine 33:44 easyai: look at void 33:47 easyai: he has muy divine 33:48 flur: b 33:53 easyai: but it isn;t adding damage:D 33:10 easyai: he stoel it but it doesn't work for him anywasy he's jsu tcarrying useless item 34:33 flur: xDDD   ALso basn that^%$ idiot flur for ignoring me when it was cwing that was flaming, THat should count as game ruin.
    • By chaosminion
      Game Link: https://dota.vision/sharedStats/recentGames/?do=single&id=309
      Game: -OHS- DotA apem #25
      Player Skoal ( Juggernaut) Bought divine rapier at 34 minutes and immediately fed it to scourge. We were winning with 2 complete raxes and all ours. Totally ruined game. Also Skoal flamed throughout the game. Rts (gyro) flamed some in game too.
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